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Hello Everyone!

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by cdr255, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. My Name is Christopher Rodriguez, and I am a bassist.

    I've been playing for just shy of a year now, and figured I would finally take the plunge
    and join this very helpful forum. I hope to become an active member of this community,
    and learn a whole lot in the process!

    Glad to meet You all!
  2. ancientrocker

    ancientrocker supporting member

    Mar 7, 2013
    Glad to meet you too Christopher,

    Tell us about your instrument and what style music you play?

    I'm into rock'n'roll and heavy metal.

    If you haven't already read the stickies in each forum it is a good thing to do. it will guide you in avoiding many pratfalls.:cool:
  3. Thanks, AncientRocker!

    I'm about 1/2 through the stickies in the forums I usually
    read and will want to post in. But I'll have definitely finished
    them before I start making threads. Thanks for the tip!

    My main instrument is an Ibanez Soundgear Gio 4 String. I
    also have a Dean Rhapsody 12 String Bass that I don't use
    quite as frequently (not everything needs the 12 string's
    benefits and limitations), but it nonetheless part of my
    arsenal. B^)

    And as for a style of Music that I play, I try not to pigeon
    hole myself into a single genre or style. That said, I enjoy
    playing ska and groovy metal for the often interesting
    repeating basslines... but definitely only songs with a defined
    melody and harmony, no muddy sounds or hardcore/atonal stuff.
    I also dabble in Jazz a bit, though that is more of a hobby-hobby.
    The people I play with most are really into pop punk and similar
    sounding music, so I play a lot of that too. And, for the artistic
    satisfaction and chops/repertoire building, I also love playing
    Classic Rock and Prog... Though again, not the really far
    out there Progressive stuff, I prefer things in normal(ish) time
    signatures and with a resolution.

    I dunno. I am looking for a steady band at the moment; if I
    had one I'd just say the style of music my band plays. I try
    to play as much of everything as I can, especially because
    I am still pretty new to the instrument (only about a year of
    experience). I hope that this answers Your question!
  4. ancientrocker

    ancientrocker supporting member

    Mar 7, 2013
    Groovy CDR255,

    I got you to tell us more about yourself and your interests. That is what the Welcome Forum is all about.

    I am still just learning on my own, having started at age 61 and with little musical experience. Thus my user name. I don't really feel ancient but getting there. I just retired so that's why I decided to pick up the bass.

    I am playing an Epiphone EB-3; it suits my hands. I also have a Fender Squire Jaguar.

    Lone Wolf Club #83

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