Hello from Cleveland, OH

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  1. Long time lurker finally coming out of the darkness.
    I love TB and use it as a resource for information regularly.

    Electric and Upright doubler.
    Degree in Music theory.
    Mostly a Jazz player but I've played a bit of everything and have wide ranging musical interests.
    Especially jazz, fusion, world music, and a bit of rock and metal.

    1990 6 String Fretless Fbass
    MTD 6 Fretted.
    5 String Upright (EUB but looking for a 3/4 acoustic).
    Currently using an Aguilar TH500 with 2 1x15+horn cabs.
    Markbass 1x15 combo
    Ampeg 8x10 for rock (I don't do much rock these day so I borrow amps when I need too)
    Not using any efx or compression or anything but I play mostly low volume stuff these days.
    Sometimes I use compression and distortion/OD live.
  2. Welcome, and do chime in, I look forward to your comments.
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  3. Thanks MalcolmAmos! I'm glad to finally stop lurking and start contributing.
  4. JohnnyReb


    Nov 25, 2017
    Hey, I grew up outside of Cleveland, was a real scene in the '80s
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