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Hello from Genesee County, Michigan.

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Larry V, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Hi all, my name's Larry and I needed to knock this "play guitar" thing off my bucket list. So last summer I scanned the classifieds and found a decent Ibanez 300 DX with a clean sounding Crate amp to get me started.


    I picked bass instead of 6 string electric because my oldest son plays guitar and I didn't want to get on his turf so to speak... allowing him to have his own thing.

    What I like to play is:

    Zeppelin, Cream, Black Sabbath and anything else that has a great sounding bass line and I've been encouraged to learn funk, reggae and jazz. So far I've steered clear of jazz since I really can't stand to listen to it and doubt I'll come around to it.

    I told myself that if I was still playing in a year and if my bass wasn't just sitting in the corner of my living room collecting dust that I'd upgrade to something nicer. Well, I didn't make it a year, in fact at about 6 months of playing I went shopping and picked up a brand new, Gibson Thunderbird, now I'm really hooked! I love the way this bass sounds, feels and plays and I'm glad I didn't wait to indulge myself.


    I'm working on customizing my TBird a bit to make her truly my own and will post up a new pic when I have her done.

    Anyway, I've gone on a bit long here but I wanted to say hello since I've been lurking around the forum a bit unregistered.

  2. So next is a big big Ampeg:) Great looking bass. Classic. Greetings to You.
  3. Thanks, Kaarenostad! I came very close to picking up a Roland KC-550 because from everything I've read it's a great all around amp that anyone in the house could use and we could also all jam together utilizing the separate channels and even the mic input.
  4. Or Get yourself a used little PA with a few channels powered mixer and a couple of speakers? Lots of bass players use stage monitors for practice. Behringer 12 inch self powered for instance. Not a real bass rig of course, but functional and useable for lots of stuff. Have fun.
  5. Just finished her moments ago. I custom cut an all black 2mm piece of pickguard material and added a custom cut super thin gold Thunderbird vinyl. I also restrung her with Black Beauties and lowered the bridge about 2mm.

    BTW, if anyone needs a Thunderbird vinyl, PM me. I've got'em in black, white, silver and gold.