Hello from Paris, France !

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  1. Defe


    Jun 25, 2008
    Paris, France
    Bit of a daft title but there you go, couldn't resist it. And it's true as well.

    Picked the bass out of its case after a 7-year hiatus - we reformed the band for a one-off (Fête de la Musique, if anyone knows what I'm talking about). A few rehearsals later, had a great time on the evening, and I'm considering studying - which came as a bit of schock to everyone involved, since I came to bass à la Paul Simonon.

    If anyone's interested in gear, I currently use a Sting Ray 4 into an old Acoustic 220. My main interest these days is finding a bedroom practice set-up... Had a go at the Roland C30, too much too soon, not really for me, maybe the Ashdown Perfect Ten. Any clues welcome.

    Does anyone know if & when Acoustic (the new chinese lookalike) will be distributed on our side of the pond ?

    Anyway, thanks for having me as they say, and I look to learn from & contribute to this forum.