Hello from Phoenix!

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  1. I’m a regular member of some other forums and I’ve decided to spent some more time here on TalkBass. Although I’m a guitarist first and foremost, I really enjoy playing bass and drums. I’m hoping to raise my game by spending some time on these forum and I’m looking to get out more and jam in and around Central Phoenix and South Scottsdale.
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    Welcome. Grab a 12 bar progression on the called key and have fun. Roots work, roots and a 5 work a little better, then the correct 3 - 6 - 7 & 8 will keep them calling you back.

    Follow the chords and have fun.
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  3. How about the 4th?

    Good advice. Lot’s of time I’ll just watch the guitarist for those roots and once I get the progressions down, I’ll start moving things around. Especially coming up and into the root. Or jumping up an octave and working my way back down to the root when I get to the one.