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  1. Hello everybody.
    I used to be on Talkbass with another name : Frenchdaddy. But I have changed email address and have forgotten my password. In any case I have never introduced myself.
    So, I am nearly 63, French, married, no kids, retired for almost 2 years (used to be a sales engineer in the boiler industry). I am living in Savoy (French area near the Swiss border).
    I play the bass for 42/43 years. I am part of the "mediocre bass players club".
    My tools include a 1973 Jazz Bass that I bought second hand in 1974 (It's been my only bass during decades), a Chinese Bacchus Hollowbody jazz, an Indonesian Bacchus jazz, a Tribby JB-2, a Skyline Hollowbody loaded with Barts, a modded Edwards (unknown model, passive with an EBMM like Pup (SD?), modded with an Jazz bass style neck), a Pedulla MVP-4 that I will probably trade one of these days (too small body, compared to my figure)and a P copy I just received yesterday. I also own a Polish Kania handmade hollowbody EUB.
    My main rig is an Ampeg V4-B reissue with a 4x10 Hatke cab (I used to have an original V4-B that I sold because I thought it was too heavy - we are stupid when we are young).
    I play all kind of music as far as it grooves and comes from the Soul : Blues, Soul, R&B, Funk (though I'm a poor slapper), a bit of jazz.
    I love my Triumph Speedmaster motorbike and sailing my 25 ft. "Surprise" sailboat on the Lake Geneva.
    I do love New Orleans, Its food and its Funky music. Above all, I love playing.
    That's all for now.
  2. Ahoy, from one rag man to another. Live on a small lake in East Texas and have a P-15 West Wight Potter waiting for me at our back yard dock. Look forward to your comments.
  3. Hi there. Happy that another TBer is fond of sailing. Lake Geneva (we call it Leman Lake, since it's not owned by Geneva only) is located at the border between France and Switzerland. It is around 42 miles long by 8 miles at the widest, surrounded by nice mountains. We are generally sailing in light airs but may sometimes have sudden gusts. As regards the sailing boats, it seems that the philosophy is much different between Continental Europe and the USA. Most of american boats are unknown to us, with the exception of Melges 24 and the J series. Since I am interested in vintage boats, I know a little about Olin Stephens designs (actually, some of them have been built in Europe and about Hans Christians. Most of the design here are largely inspired by racing boats. The boat I sail is one of the rare old/modern design which is still in production more than 30 years after its introduction on the market with only cosmetic changes. It's been one of the first designs able to plane (?). There are maybe 3 or 400 boats of this design on our lake (kind of sailing P-Bass). I use it mainly for daysail with my wife and sometimes for local regattas (what we call sausage regattas). I have unfortunately no pictures available. In which area of Texas are you? I had the opportunity to go to Houston (for work) and to Austin (for fun). I had a look at your boat on the net. It' rather different of what we find in Europe. I think we see too big for boats. In the case you have the opportunity to come to Europe, you'd be welcome to have a sailing with us.
    Do you think we should lauch a club for sailing TBers ?
  4. The P-15's original design is from the Isle of Wight and is now built in the San Francisco area. Before I retired I traveled San Francisco on business, quite a lot, and a friend had a 30 + something that we would go out under the bridge and stick our bow into the Pacific. Great fun. When he retired they traded up to a 44' went under the bridge turned left. And he said; "When clothes became optional I'll come in and settle down there". I guess he did as I have not heard from him.

    Some P-15 pictures http://www.wwpotterowners.com/PotterPhotos6.html

    It's just right for one, gets a little crowded for two and three is out of the question. I purchased her (No Tears) with the intent to sail the inter-coastal canal from Galveston to Mexico. Alas never got around to it and No Tears now is waiting at the dock for that inter-coastal sail. We do get some sunset sails, waving at the neighbors. During the day we can get some wind - when the wind is whistling in the wires; I don't go out.

    We live half way between Dallas and Shreveport on highway 80. Mineola, Texas is a small 4,500 population town 30 miles North of Tyler. As to the TB sailing club, not that many of us, but, what the heck, your #1 and I'll be #2.

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