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    Hi guys,

    I just spent two weeks shopping. I put my hands on more guitars & basses during that time than I have in my life previously.
    I had my heart set on a Rickenbacker to start with, but I think it's too much for me. I can afford it, but don't see the point in blowing that kind of money on it if it's usefulness goes wasted on my meager talents.
    I even tried a Ricky 4004W with two amps at once using the Ric-O-Sound jack. My tone deaf ears didn't get the significant difference. I know Chris Squire makes use of this feature, but again "lost on me".

    I picked up a Fender Precision Blacktop & thought, "Damn, that sounds like the Rickenbacker 4004 Laredo that I tried yesterday."
    I didn't really like the color at first, prefer the black on black one I saw first at my local Fender dealer.
    Sam Ash threw me a pretty good deal in the end. A stand, Fender Instrument Cable, Fender gig bag & the bass all for $438 (after tax). My local Fender dealer wouldn't throw in a thing & wouldn't back off $499 (before tax).

    I must have found a real sweet deal with my American Fender JP-90 a few months back too, because it's output is right up there with my Blacktop bass.
    Only trouble I've experienced with the Blacktop so far is string buzz on the low E. I took it back there for a setup Monday, but back at home must be colder than the bass likes. At home it buzzed again, and I was sure to put my ear right up next to the neck after the tech did the setup to make sure there was no buzz.
    I also can't raise the neck/middle pickup as close to the strings as I'd like, but according to Fender's setup guide it's high enough already.

    Blacktop on the left - JP-90 on the right
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    I like the JP 90, never heard of those before. Great looking basses!
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