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Hello! I'm a new member...Opinions please

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Tommy L, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Tommy L here. I'm 50 and been playing bass for 17 years now. Been a guitarist for 25 years before that. I turned into a bassist because as a guitarist I was frustrated with other bassist that couldn't hold down the "groove" while I was soloing. I'm forever learning the art of being a great bassist. Learning everyday!

    I'm also the sound engineer for our band and have always played my bass with inear monitors and DI to the mixer out to my mains.
    Mains consist of JBL concert serries 4715a and 4732a for long throw and Carvin TR1801 subs and TR1503's Top for near. I updated the Carvin boxes with all Neo speakers a couple of years back.

    I'm now in the position to gig with another band 8 hr drive away in Maryland :) and :( lol Like to gig, but the drive will be awesome! lol

    So......I'm now out of my element. PLEASE HELP!

    The band I will be playing with is a Blues Band. Their set up is room mixed Guitar and Bass Amp with vocals coming from 15's and Horns on stands(a little kick drum in the 15's for good measure as the drummer is doing the sound) :)

    Looking for options and opinions on gear.

    I managed to get a nice sound out of, believe it or not, 3 Carvin 742 wedge monitors. I'm using a DCM2000 amp.
    Here's the chain:

    Bass: Warmoth Gecko 5 string with EMG DC40/CS40 BQC system. Into........
    Pedal: Line 6 Podxt Live with Bass Pack, Setting is Ampeg 1x18 cabinet and the "Adam Eden" head emulations. Into....
    Preamp: 1999 ART Tube Preamp. Into.....
    AMP: DCM 2000. Into.....
    Speakers: 3 Carvin 742 15" sealed wedges.

    If we are worried about what we look like, then I'd rather have a different set of cabinets behind me to at least look like a bassist! lol

    There is some local gear available:

    Ampeg BSE 115T
    Ampeg BSE 115 with
    Yorkville 400B amp

    Genz Benz 4x10 XB2

    Eden D410T

    SVT 4x10 HLF(Vietnam)

    SVT 410HE

    BSE410HLFd (USA)

    AMPEG SVT810 HPC (picture has 2 4x10 stacked?)

    Eden E410XST4

    Mesa PH1000

    I have no problems using a DI and my Front End PA to get a great bass sound. But now, being out of my element......
    and not having my gear....... I'm in need!

    Nice to be here..... I've been reading TB for a month now!
    Great place! I'm happy to be here and await some great responses.

    Tommy L sends.....
  2. fEARful......

    I've been reading much on this design.
    Should I just build this and be done?
    1515/66 or two 15/6's

    I would consider this as an option too!

    Tommy L sends..... :)
  3. i have the xb2 410 and love it.

    i've heard people complain the ampeg svt 410hlf is dark sounding, but i've heard lots of people that have no complaints with it at all.

    out of those, that is all i've had experience with. good luck and
    welcome to talkbass!
  4. With only a little kick in the PA you won't be needing no 1515/66. A single will do. I don't know what your amp does at 8ohm, you'll want some 500w or more to push it hard.
  5. Hi Tommy, welcome to TB.

    Hmm, unless the band has a ridiculously loud gui****, it sounds like all you really need is a couple hundred watts into a nice little lightweight compact bass cab or even a combo bass amp to keep up with a "little two speakers on sticks type PA".

    Do you have budget?
  6. Sounds like a fEARFUL cab and a GK MB 800 will be your best bet.
    Both are light weight and packs and punch of low end.
  7. Ok......

    Hello guys! Thanks so much for opinions! :)

    So far..... two votes for the fEARful.

    From reading posts over the last month here........
    I noticed that there are some that love the fEARful and
    there seems to be love for the Mesa Boogie as well.

    I just watch 2 videos on YouTube:

    Man.... the Mesa stuff sounds nice.

    I can't wait for some more opinions!
    Bump Bump Bump! :)

    Tommy L sends....
  8. dukeorock

    dukeorock Owner BNA Audio Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 8, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Authorized greenboy designs builder/Owner of BNA Audio
    Love Mesa amps more often than not. Never cared for the cabs so much, especially the PH1000. On your list, I'd go for the Genz XB2 410. Had one for awhile before I got into the greenboy stuff. As 410's go, it's a good one :)
  9. swamp_bass

    swamp_bass I love it when a groove comes together

    Nov 20, 2013
    North Cackalacky
    I say do what I did on Friday and show up to practice with what ya got. Then you'll find out if the others are controlled and tame - or CAPTAIN CAVEMAN AND THE SHRIEKERS!!!

    In my case, a simple Rumble 60 combo barely kept up at max, which means it would have been adequate for practice with a lighter drummer and a tamer guitarist.

    Save your greenbacks until you know what the need is, I say. Unless you just want an excuse for cool new gear that will be ready for anything. Then I vote for the Fearful 12/6.
  10. dukeorock, who builds the fEAR cabinets says XB2410 and
    samp_bass is steering me towards the fEARful 12/6.


    The vids I put up, he likes the 4x10 and the 2x12 mesa. The head he was using was the
    Mesa Carbine M6. All his basses sounded good.
    I've seen a couple of vids on the fEAR cabs, but the audio wasn't the greatest.

    Yes I could show up with my:
    Carvin DCM2000 amp
    Carvin 742 Monitors (3 of them)
    Line 6 Podxt Live with Bass Pack
    ART Tube MP pre

    I got a pretty decent sound once I dialed in the eq on the Podxt Live using the
    cabinet modeling AMPEG 1x18 and the Amp modeling Adam Eden.
    Using this modeling the Motorola horns in the Carvin 742 15" monitors were very
    tame :)

    I'd like to hear more about the fEARful builders or DIY players.

    I don't have money to burn, but I do like to play bass, so I'm willing to do whatever
    it takes to have a great sound.

    In the Three Piece, guitarist is in his 40's and has a great guitar sound and plays at
    a very conservative volume and the volume is only whats need to sound great for the
    mix. As mentioned earlier, the sound setup is Bass cab/Guitar Cab and 15's on stands for vocals with a little kick drum.

    Thank you once again for the replies thus far. Would like to hear more!

    I greatly appreciate your efforts!

    Tommy L sends.... drooling over the Mesa Strategy \m/ . . \m/
  11. drpepper

    drpepper Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2009
    Columbia, Maryland
    No reply on the gear, but being new here, you may have noticed that there are "club" threads.

    I think you should start the "Bassists Who Commute from Canada to Maryland Club"
  12. dukeorock

    dukeorock Owner BNA Audio Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 8, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Authorized greenboy designs builder/Owner of BNA Audio

  13. lmao! \m/ .. \m/
  14. I made a purchase!

    I decided to purchase this EA NL210. When I looked at the
    price to build, this purchase just made sense for now.

    I brought her home and I can tell that it will not handle the task without FOH support. A friend bassist of mine now has a plethora of EA speakers. When I told him that I made this purchase he said: "don't push that 210 too hard, it will need other support".

    I knew this before the purchase, but like I mentioned earlier, I have those carvin's 742 with the 600 drivers in them. So the experimenting begins.......

    This is what I've got so far and it kicks butt with great tone.
    Here's the chain:

    Bass: Warmoth Gecko 5 with EMG DC40/CS40 with BCQ 18V
    Tuner: Boss TU-3
    Compressor: ART Levlar Tube (1999 floor model) 1200ma
    Preamp: ART TubeMP (1999 floor model) 2000ma pwrsup
    AMP: Carvin DCM2000L
    - Parallel mode engaged on Amp
    -Left channel to EA NL210 8ohms
    - Right channel to 2 Carvin 742 15's 600w in parallel 4ohms

    I tweaked the EMG BCQ mid sweep to dip out the mids to get that tone all equals :)

    Next: Clean up the floor and remove ART TubeMP and Levlar and purchase ART Pro Channel II.

    Surprised: Can't believe that the EMG BQC can shape that mid/low mid area. Maybe I'm not saying it correctly. I'm a self proclaimed sound engineer of 30 years. I go with my ears :)

    Final thoughts: Purchasing the ART Pro Ch2 will allow for room differences if I need extra EQ shaping as there is no FOH at the gigs that I'll be playing.

    ok........Bring it on guys! Slam me/congratulate me ;)
    Having 30 years of being our bands sound engineer/equipment owner, I just follow my ears and not the equipment name plates. Granted there is hi and low quality or powered gear out there.

    Tommy L sends......

  15. I missed some members replies...... So sorry and Hello Joe!
    Very fortunate that the guitarist is so Awesome with refined sound and only turns up his amp just enough in support of his
    FOH of 2 15"'s and Horns on stands with his vocals. He is NOT a gui****. He is a Physician Assistant now after trying to make the LA scene for 17 years. So nice to play with solid players :)

    Also, when I play locally, my son Adam is the drummer.
    How lucky and blessed can one be. Man, Adam is solid.
    Recently, Adam competed in a competition that Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith, put on. Adam was selected into the top 20. Terri Bozzio was also on the board who select the top 20. grin grin grin. Nice to see my son recognized.
    Here's a clip... Adam produces his own Audio/Video as well.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcb6P7BtqKE
  16. That's okay.

    Way cool, good luck and have fun.
  17. I have now ordered the ART Pro Channel II.
    This will clean up the floor and I can use the Tube MP and Tube Levlar as backup if the rack ever has issues.

    I will review the ART Pro Channel II soon!

    Tommy L sends.....