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Hello, just found the site.

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Maude, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Maude


    Dec 20, 2006
    Cornwall, England.
    Hello everyone, I've just found this site while hunting down reviews on the Ibanez SB7 pedal, any feedback on the pedal greatly received.
    This is a great looking forum and I feel I might be spending a lot of time here finding out more about all things bass as I am an habitual fiddler/builder/experimenter with all sorts guitar related stuff.
    I currently play a Yamaha BB5s (5 string) through various pedals, as and when the mood takes me but usually just a tube pre-amp for some warmth and an overdrive pedal set very low to beef it up when I need it, which is then fed through a Behringer V-amp Pro, a Peavey crossover to split the signal, into some random stereo power amp which sends the lows to a custom built 2x15 and the highs to a matching custom built 4x12 with twin horns. I might rebuild the top cab to take 4 10's for a bit more punch but we'll see.
    I also own a Hohner Arbor series fretless 4 string which I picked up for 30 quid and a cheapo acoustic with peizo jobby for working stuff out on at home, which when plugged in down the practice room surprised the s**t out of all of us.
    I also have a few other guitars (acoustics,electrics, resonator) which I won't go into as this is a bass forum.
    I play in a covers band playing mostly heavy rock from seventies to present day including most sub-genres.
    I'm into predominantely rock music of all sorts but love exploring all the roots from african inspired delta blues right through to the present day and everything along the way. I have heroes but I wanna know who influenced them.
    Anyway, that's pretty much me so I'll get back to browsing the rest of the forum. Cheers.

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