hello my name is joe, and I'm a gearaholic!

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  1. Question=I play out 2-4 times a month and for the most part my rig has ample clean volume but some places I'm left feeling like i wish I bought a head with much more wattage for head room and a cleaner sound. I use an active Warwick corvette direct to my Mesa M-pulse 360 I have a power cond. and a tuner but for the most part it goes stait into an svt610 4 ohm.The head is a little underpowered for this cab me thinks. I love the sound of my amp but I'm really throwing the idea aroud of getting a 750x or a b4r something in that range I know I should have got the m-pulse 600 but I'm so #$%@#$% impulsive I bought what was at my shop at the time.
    I just think I gotta really push her too hard to get the crystal clear punch I NEED!She distorts when the master is cranked and I put the pre anywhere past 3!Got any sug.??

    You can check us out at WWW.EVOLVEROCKS.com some mp3s there. Thanks for any feedback!
  2. Easy, buy a powerful power amp and use the 1/4" line out/preamp out. Then you won't have to get rid of your Mesa.
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    Post an ad here in Talkbass's Gear for sale column,on www.bassgear.com,and on the classifieds section of www.harmony-central.com
    You should be able to sell a Boogie amp quickly enough as long as you price it fairly for both yourself and the buyer.
    Remember;Boogie doesn't allow it's dealers to discount their gear.As long as you're selling your amp somewhere below it's actual cost,somebody will take it off your hands eventually.Boogies are in THAT high of a demand.
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    PA is the way to go. Get a QSC power light and use your existing head as a pre.

    Good luck
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    second that. buy a qsc plx power amp. qsc1602 should do. about $600. check with lord valve for pricing.

    you can use the mesa for a preamp and replace it with a 'real' preamp later, or just keep the mesa if you don't need your full power.
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    I third what the two above posts have noted.
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    Hello, my name is Jim and I'm a gearaholic. Fifteen year thread resurrection!

    Here’s my story, and that’s all it is, a story. I’m not looking for sympathy or advice. File it under humor, human interest, psychology, whatever. You’re probably better off skipping this post and reading up on, oh, I don’t know, “What’s the best instrument cable for metal?” or “Why can’t left-handed drummers play with right-handed sticks?”

    About two years ago I moved away from Indianapolis to re-connect with an old girlfriend. I haven’t played in a band since, partly because I guessed, correctly as it turned out, that she might feel threatened by my desire to gig (she is extremely jealous by nature). But, what can I say, she’s always been the number one love of my life (nobody else ever came close, not even my 2 former wives), and I am and always have been a fool for love. Addiction #1 – love.

    So, about two months ago I bought two new speaker cabinets. I bought them more out of boredom than because I really needed them at the time. I knew she wouldn’t like this but I underestimated how mad she would get. Long story short - we broke up two months ago and I moved from her house into an apartment. What do you call a bass player without a girlfriend? Homeless? Not me!

    Since the move I’ve purchased a new amp and a used bass. I can buy anything I want – yeehaw! But, because I live in an apartment and am not currently gigging (except for a few open mic jams) or even rehearsing, I’m not able to crank up the volume anywhere to really evaluate my new gear. It’s like giving a kid a candy bar and telling him he can only look at it.

    Addiction #2 – bass gear. So, I’ve become a budding gearaholic, more out of boredom than anything else. Maybe I need a few sessions with the resident TB gearaholic counselor?? Maybe I should duct tape my wallet to my ass! FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY ON THIS FREAKIN' EARTH HELP ME! :help::)
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    I met my wife whilst playing a gig where she and her girlfriends were. We’ve been married now for 49 years yesterday. I still play out.

    Sorry for your predicament and I hope you get yourself sorted out and can get on with your life. Good Luck! :D
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    I love to hear stories like that. That's the kind of "girl" (I'm 66) I want to meet. And I'm good - I always land on my feet.
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  10. Happy Anniversary Paul... :hyper::hyper:
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