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hello TB

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by gierolf_hvitrserkr, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. hello all!

    I am gierolf Hvitrserkr (pronounced: Gear-Olf Viter-Serker) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been playing bass for just under 3 years now, my major influences are Steve harris, Geddy Lee, and Geezer butler, though I would argue that my style is based on what my minds had running through it for as long as I can remember. Im actually in a rock band with pop sensibilities (in other words original music designed for the general publics ear and a large variety of sound) but I am a huge metal head.

    I currently play a white BC rich warlock platinum series 4 string bass, it is currently in baritone, as Im more likely to play the extra notes in the low end, then touch the notes in the high, at the end of the day.

    link to my rock bands reverb:
    Heathen's Crossing Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
    and its youtube:
    Heathen's Crossing - YouTube

    I am also a gamer, as such rocksmith has been a very enjoyable experience for me, and it gave me a great way to effectively practice with tabs but make it more enjoyable and easier to read, and i have recorded myself playing on it a lot, but i will warn you now, the lines i play are not perfect, mistakes are made, as I dont believe in hiding ones mistakes under the rug and only showing the perfection, but I prefer taking a flaw and turning it into something even greater, turn what could have been a weakness into a strength.

    link to my youtube:
    Gierolf Hvitrserkr - YouTube

    I look forward to discussions of low ends with you all.
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  2. BazzTard

    BazzTard Banned

    Hi and welcome

    I dabble in RockSmith too,trying to advance my guitar playing, and it's a lazy way to learn songs on bass hehe, love the Spinal Tap songs
  3. I sadly have not had a chance to aquire the Spinal Tap songs yet, I use customs from Customsforge, so I have almost a thousand songs on rocksmith to tide my time, though I usually come back to maiden, Sabbath, Amon amarth for the speed, Rush for the complexity, and because they are awesome band from the same city as me.

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