Hello There, I'm New and Have a Few Q's Along With an Intro

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    Dec 16, 2014
    Hey everyone,

    I'm brand new to this site and the only other site like it that I've been apart of was one from skateboarding that I would go on from time to time. The skate forums were chaos and sometimes hateful and the forum rules page isn't working right now so I was wondering if some the vets out there can tell me about the ground rules and such. Since this is under the New Member Intros I'll give a little background. My name is Levi, I'm 17 and from Washington state, I've only been seriously playing bass/guitar for about a year or so now, and my music taste jumps around a lot. I've grown up listening to classics such as the Beatles, Zeppelin, etc. Yes, I went through a punk/grunge phase and don't regret it cause they were good times. Lately I've been diving deeper into what my current idol, Mac Demarco (if ya don't know him he's worth looking up, pretty interesting dude), calls jizz jazz. It's pretty much just another form of indie rock but I like it. I've never been too into metal, I'd listen to it before a football game back when I played too get my blood pumpin and at least try to get my self angry. I currently play an epiphone sg bass through a pv 210tx combo paired with a gk 4x10 cab. I'm going to be buying a mexi fender jazz or p bass and some sort of amp head. Any who that's some background info about me. If you read this then I appreciate the time you took to get to know a little bit about me and I apologize in advance if I already broke some rules in my first post.
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  2. Welcome, as to the rules try here. http://www.talkbass.com/forums/general-instruction-bg.22/,

    We for the most part get along, seldom hear or see the word "Dude" used. We for the most part mind our manners and treat each other the way we would like to be treated. I think you will enjoy your stay.

    We are blessed with some very talented professional people that check in and do not mind sharing their wisdom and knowledge with us mortals.

    Again, welcome.
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