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  1. Hello to all. This is the first post I have made on this fantastic website in over a year and I am so grateful to be able to do so. On April 8th of 2012 I was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life and caused serious injuries.

    It was a long road back and it has been quite an experience. After sustaining two broken legs, compound fractures, pelvic fracture, as well as other injuries, and recovering from all and still alive, my perspective on life has changed for the better in no small way and I feel blessed to be able to continue to create music. I am not quite yet 100% but have only recently began to walk comfortably.

    I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of the fantastic bassists out there who have lent their support over the past year.

    Over this past weekend I played my first gig since the accident. How sweet it was!!!!

    In the near future I'll be going into the studio to work on my latest record and it was have some great players on it. It will be a very very special record for me as in will be inspired by events of the last year.

    I am thrilled to be writing, recording and playing shows again and can't thanks my friends and family enough for all of the love that helped pull me through.

    After experiencing what I have over the past year I will pause and smile at those who are extremely judgmental of things that I (or anyone else) writes in my forum.

    If anyone has a disagreement with what is said here by anyone, very few things are as simple as black and black and white in music or anything else in life. What may not work for one may work well for others and visa versa. There is more than one way to think about and do things. Yes, theres is music theory to guide musicians but don't let it control you. Music is an expression of your life's experiences so let it out. Don't let the "proper way" to use techniques tell you that you can't d=o things a little bit differently if it works for you. This is how evolution takes place my friends.

    Once again, It's great to be back.

    I did have the opportunity to write extensively over the past year and though I am just getting back to gigging I did get to practice and write for my latest book, which I'll keep you posted on. Look forward to the great questions and feedback I get from all of you here at TalkBass.

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    Welcome back!