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Hello World

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by nyall, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. nyall


    Aug 7, 2013
    I just posted a message asking for help and actually got some answers, it'd be a good idea to introduce myself, too.

    At 30 I'm a bit of a grown-up. I toyed a bit with a neighbour's bass - can't recall the model but he said it was pretty entry-level by then although he was part of a band for quite some time - when 16, but at these ages one tries to do so many things... Long story short, bass playing was not a priority for some time. About 5 years ago I ended up buying an electric guitar - don't ask me why, looked like a good idea at the time - and took classes for a year.

    By then I bought my first apartment, but needed lots of work to move in from my parent's flat. It actually took almost 9 months, from the initial estimation of 4 months, so I decided to "miss the year" and play a bit during the free time, and wait until next September to continue the classes were I left them. But, the school closed down then.

    Other alternatives were too far from me. For the most part I couldn't attend even if I wanted to because of conflicting timetables. So, maybe because of the lack of a routine, playing has been less and less frequent.

    But, lack of routine was not the only reason. I have realised that the other powerful reason is that I like bass best. I have "analysed" my all-time favorite songs together with the songs that I like best from those heard for the first time during the last year, and an overwhelming majority have a powerful bass - e.g. "It Bites - Memory of Water" or "RHCP - Wet Sand" as some long-time favs, and "The National - Sea of Love"or "Jonquil - Real Cold" as some recent discoveries.

    My little fingers (pinkies?) are slightly bent - don't blame me, was born this way - so that makes playing a little bit more difficult than it is by itself...

    If it is of any interest, my preferred brand is Ibanez and I prefer fingertips to picks. I like prog rock and some of its modern varieties (doom for the vast majority, a bit of goth maybe), and lately I have introduced some indie bands, as may be hinted by the songs mentioned above ;-)

    That's all for now, I think.

    Any advice for a newbie with bent fingers is more than welcome :bassist: