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  1. s1ngle


    Apr 2, 2014

    I am a newby hoping to get some useful information on this forum ;)
    Been playing bass for two years on and off.

    My biggest wish is to play in a ska, all girl band. :bassist:

    Unfortunately it's going to be hard for me since I come from a small country. But maybe some day!

    Currently I am playing this song a lot. Not ska, but very interesting. If anyone knows any similar songs to play on bass I'll be happy to get suggestions.

    All best from Slovenia
  2. MalcolmAmos

    MalcolmAmos Supporting Member

    If you can follow the chords and groove with the bass drum you can play most any style of music. Can you groove a drum track?

    My point; How many songs can you remember. If you can follow a chord chart and lock in with the drummer you can play bass accompaniment to hundreds of songs. Let Google find some chord charts on songs you would like to play. Google these key words; guitar chords, "name of the song" The comma and quote marks help in the search.

    If you need some notes - play the notes of the active chord.

    Major chord R-3-5-8.
    Minor chord R-b3-5-8
    Dominant chord R-3-5-b7
    Roots just by themselves is a pretty good start IF you are locked in with the bass drum. How do you lock in? If he is going boom, boom, de boom you go boom, boom, de boom, i.e. you play your notes to that rhythm.

    Have fun.