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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by mulambo, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Hey man, i am mulambo from Brazil.
    I play bass since 1983, and now i am making music on some softwares, by myself. I wanna show some music for u, can anybody give me a link where i could upload my freaky expiriences?
    Any question about how i do my recordings will be apreciatted.
    i use my basses, guitars, a Pod Line 6, a Cakewalk Sonar 2.2, a Wavelab 4.0, FruitLoops 4.0, Rebirth 338 and a Atlon 1.8, with 640 mb RAM, with a Audiophile 2496 audio card.
    Best Regards!:bassist:
  2. Hi man, im your neightbor from argentina:D
    there are tons of places where you can upload your music. I could tell you tons of argentinian sites... But they are useless for you. If you don`t think so PM me. But use the yahoo brazil and search for the word "Band" or something related and you will have tons of "musician sites". Most of them give you the chance to upload your music....
    Also, you can uploaded here!
    Don`t know how it`s done, i don`t do it... but you can....

    Good Luck, and welcome to Talk Bass

  3. hey brother, i am on line now! thank u for attention.
    (valeu pelas boas vindas!!!:D )
    i found a site for some of my weird noises.
    check this sound:


    if u have time and patience, tell me your opinion about the song!
    unfortunatelly i dont speak spanish, what a shame no? :( hehehehe
    we are neighborhoods, hermanos, and have to speak in english...
    um grande abraco irmaozinho, a gente se fala!
  4. I can`t hear your song right now(no speakers on this PC:mad: ) I ll PM you when i hear it...


    PS: Hey... I can`t talk Portuguese...:confused: only "o brigado"...

    Pele Rules

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