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  1. Hello, all you fellow bassists. This is my first post, so I just figured I'd say hi. I have been reading some of these topics and replies on these forums and I must say: :eek: and also :confused: because I am quite the newbie when it comes to bass playing. Well, not quite a newbie, but I'm probably not as good as you guys who've been playing forever (I've only really played seriously for 3 months or so, I've had my bass for about 1 year).

    I've been playing in the chapel band at school, and I'm going to a youth convention around Thanksgiving to play there, so that should be fun. I've got a good bass, I think it's a Spector NS-0004 or something, it's really nice, the guy I bought it from said he got it for some $800. I also have a quaint 50W Peavey amp that I like.

    I just restringed my little bass with Flatwounds, which I've since fallen in love with, but I'm having a problem.

    I'm working to save up for a good fretless bass. I sorta want to get a 5-string but I somewhat want to keep the comfortable 4-string style. Are the 5 notes worth a change in style?

    And a second question, what would be a good fretless to get?
  2. Just keep the Spector and buy yourself a fretless 5. I think 3 months into playing is a little early to jump to fretless 5. Don't let my opinion discourage you though. If that's what you want to do then go for it.
  3. Welcome to TB. I agree with the previous poster, learn to play the bass first, then you have a more informed opinion. I have 5 and 6 string basses which I am totally comfortable with, but these days I play my 4 string Fender Jazz 95% of the time, and that's 3 and 4 gigs a week. While I like having the extended range, I find the real challenge is to play the same stuff on the 4, and make it sound good.
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    why a fretless 5? do you want a fretless sound and a low b. if so then that is the perfect choice. make sure you know what your getting into. i know a lot of people that learned on a 5 string. it's nice because you can play all the scales in the first position.(open strings and first 4 frets). but be careful. IMO a lot of people that learn on a 5 string are TOO comfortable with the low b. they live up there. also try to get a fretless with fretmarkers. not just dots, but lines too.

    buy cheap, but not too cheap. also it's great your asking for opinions. i wish i knew what to recommend but i haven't been shopping in a while.

    good luck!
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    Sep 27, 2001
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    ohh 1 more thing, don't disregard roundwounds or other strings. don't forget how important strings are. if your playing flatwounds just for comfort, i understand but your missing out on a whole world of tone. so when you get sick of that muddy sound, try new strings. it's gonna hurt but no pain no gain. i like flatwounds, i have even played taperwounds on fretless bass', but i just don't like the sound on fretted bass'. this is just my opinion but please do yourself a favor and experiment. never be satisfied.
  6. Oh no no, I wasn't planning on jumping to a fretless 5 immediately, by all means no. I want to get a fretless though, but not anytime soon, I'm just going around/playing things, and speculating.

    I'm not sure if I'd need that low B, and I was wondering if it was convenient for you guys. Also, I played flatwounds a bit on my friend's bass, and I like the way they sound, the metallica sound, but I'm saving the roundwounds too.

  7. so what part o' florida are you from?
  8. Well if you want a fretless but not a 5 yet then maybe you should try the fretless RBX series that Yamaha makes. I forget what the exact name of it is but RBX are the first three letters. There's always fretless MIM j basses. I don't know too much about fretless basses though so keep an eye out for fretless threads and listen to what the experienced players hve to say. Make sure you form your own opinion on the subject though.