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Help a fellow bassist get the urge to learn!

Discussion in 'Ask Janek Gwizdala' started by J. Crawford, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. J. Crawford

    J. Crawford Supporting Member

    Feb 15, 2008
    Mr. Gwizdala,

    How did you become what you are today? I know its a bland question, but any answer is great.

    Not bragging, because thats something bassists shouldnt do, Im a good bassist. I can play with most people, and pull off most genres and techniques. Im 16, and would like to do something bass or music related when I get older. Esp. a producer, sound board, and sit in bassist or session artist. I have been playing for about 4 years, a bit less.

    But... I cant get myself to learn my scales, modes, positions, etc. I just get bored of it, and start jamming to some song on iTunes.

    I guess I need a push, and from someone like yourself, playing my dream signature Fodera, anything would help!
  2. Hey Jordasch, I'm 16 as well, been playing for around 4 years, and at this age, I find I do have a short attention span. You need to try and expand the amount you can do something for, otherwise your gonna get to know a lot of songs on iTunes :) Also, find songs on iTunes to transcribe, probably something that you're inspired by. I tried transcribing some Motown, but I found syncopation very hard to notate at first, so I moved onto some Blues, as me and my teacher are working on walking.
    Also, the Hanon exercises will keep you busy for hours...
    Sometimes I do get bored of transcribing and finger exercises, so this holidays, I've been working on the Matthew Garrison technique, and composing a latin-funk song, using tritone substitution (which my teacher recently taught me).
    Although, we do sometimes need to take a break, but this school holidays, I've been getting 4-5 hours of day of practice in, and never felt better :D
  3. J. Crawford

    J. Crawford Supporting Member

    Feb 15, 2008
    This is where I want to be. If I can get myself to practice 4 to 5 hours a day, man, I would love it.

    I got a message from a local guitarist asking me to play this huge festival last night. Im hoping this will help me!
  4. janekbass


    Jan 28, 2004
    Los Angeles
    Founder and CEO of http://bassstudio.janekgwizdala.com
    I jam along to iTunes as much as I can when I'm practicing. There are times when I hear things that I want to learn that I don't have the technical ability for yet so that motivates me to increase my facility to accommodate some new language.

    You're young so you have plenty of time to work things out, and if you're meant to be a musician the motivation will come from somewhere to help you increase your ability. I would suggest trying to steer away from being motivated by what model of instrument someone else plays, and think more about the music you love. I've always been motivated by music, and the need to learn more about it. Everyone is different of course, but figuring out what music you like and what you want to play is a great starting point for finding motivation as a musician.



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