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help a high school kid with his planning

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Niff, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Niff


    Mar 18, 2007
    New Zealand
    i'm gonna be blunt, and not make up a big story about how i'm in an up and coming band to save from any embarassment. i'm a 16 year old in high school who currently has a beginner ibanez bass, a 35W 1x10, and a small pedalboard, looking for some opinions and help on a rig plan i'm putting together from you wise TB'ers.

    i plan to do courses in musicianship and sound engineering in new zealand. i love music and everything to do with it, and from looking around, those two courses give me equal opportunities to get a job as a musician and/or as a tech or soundman, producer, etc. i'm getting hands on experience by being taught by visiting bands to my school as well as the music teachers when they need to set up the school PA for assemblies as well.

    i love effects, i have that planned out. i know what bass i'll likely get as well. but, amps are the trickiest part, and also the most expensive.

    now, onto the rig. i'll be in school for quite a while doing courses at polytech, so relatively small but enough to do gigs on weekends with is what i'm looking for. i'm looking for a hard rock/punchy sound and something with quite a bit of headroom for whatever my pedals want to throw at it without getting ear-shattering feedback. also, some rack items with bells and whistles for creating a tight, professional sound for the musicianship course where a lot of recording and live sound setup is done.

    this is what i was planning:
    Furman Power Conditioner
    Korg DTR-2000
    some kind of rack compressor (dbx?)
    GK 1001RB-II
    Mesa Roadready 2x12

    this is mostly based on what i've read and heard, but it seems like these would work for me. if you guys (and girls) could help me with this, it would be appreciated. such things like:

    - will the 1001RB provide me with the characteristics i want?
    - are 2x12s the right choice of speaker?
    - what kind of compressor is relatively transparent but enough to give me extra punch and tame my effects a little?

    also, bear in mind i live in new zealand - things run on 230V. so anything available would need to either have a european version or a voltage switch. some brands are very hard to acquire here as well, and i'll soon find out how easy they are to get.

    thanks for the help in advance, and tell me if i forgot to mention anything, or anything you want to know - and please, feel free to give me any advice any of you have acquired over the years.

  2. I did a bit of similar thing to you. While in high school (Im first year uni BTW) I worked really hard and saved up and bought myself the following setup:

    Eden WT550
    Schroeder 1212R
    Phonic Power Con
    Gator 4 space.

    It was probably one of the best decisions I've made.

    Now for your case. First off: Don't worry about the power conditioner, compressor or tuner quite yet, they are luxury items almost. You can gig easily without them.

    Yes I think the GK1001RB is a great choice for you, amazing amps. Though I would look around first for both the best price and if you might find another amp that you really love. Ashdown and Genz Benz amps are really reasonably priced too (well in Oz they are).

    Speaker cabs... a 2x12 is a great choice for a single cab. IMO Mesa gear is way too overprice here I would look at Genz Benz 2x12 NEO cab they are only about $1200AUD (gee now I sound like a GB fan boy). Also Schroeder "medium" cabs are great I believe www.greensquare.net ships to NZ.
  3. Niff


    Mar 18, 2007
    New Zealand
    i figured the other things in the rack are pretty much unneeded, but when i'm going through the course it'd be really cool to have some more equipment like that to play around with. since i will get those (obviously not first, but later on) - what kind of rack space would i need? the 1001RB is 2 space, and the other 3 things (assuming the compressor is a 1 space) take up 3 spaces. so a 6 space rack? don't think they come in 5-space. do i need to leave room for the head to "breathe" and for cables to be routed around the place? like tuner out, put the compressor in the fx loop, etc..

    yeah, the head i thought after much consideration was probably the best for my situation. light, doesn't have tubes to be replaced, cheap in NZ, as well as the quality being insane and from what i've heard, the punch and clarity is pretty amazing.

    the 2x12 mesa is one of the reasons i suggested it - because for some reason, it's not overpriced in NZ. the 4x10 and every single other piece of mesa equipment is, but the 2x12 (powerhouse) is only 1500NZD at Rockshop, amazingly - and an extra 100 for the roadready version. if i factored in shipping costs and conversion costs it'd probably be the same price as the genz benz. i'll have a look out for genz benz in NZ soon, because it's possible the price will be lower that way. thanks for the recommendation! first post, and i already know options to look out for.. hopefully this continues! heh.
  4. Niff


    Mar 18, 2007
    New Zealand
    haha, why didn't i think of looking on their site.. thanks. although i wish it was the diagonal, squarer design - looks like a good option to me. guess it depends if i want to spend an extra 300 bucks on a more convenient design (for me), tougher case and to be a brand whore. although the GB is a little over half the weight of the mesa, heh.

    still open to other ideas, obviously - i was looking at Avatar cabs and they look really awesome, but damnit, they don't ship to new zealand. :(
  5. tbrannon


    Jun 11, 2006
    Whereabout in NZ are you- you gonna go to WINTEC?

    Don't be afraid to shop around for used gear here- occasionally something very decent floats around on Trademe for a few weeks with no bids.
  6. Niff


    Mar 18, 2007
    New Zealand
    i live in taumarunui, it's pretty much a small town near taupo, on the way to mt ruapehu. used to be famous for the trains and the overlander railways. now it's famous for.. umm.. domestic violence? heh.

    was gonna go to wintec - but tauranga polytech (bay of plenty polytech maybe? forgot the name..) has the best musicianship course in the country IMO. then at the music+audio institute of NZ i'll get a diploma in sound engineering, if it doesn't kill me in the process with all the fees.

    and i noticed that about trademe, haha. there was an alembic F1-X preamp for 700 bucks on there a few weeks ago! that's a damn steal, one of those even being in the country is rare enough, let alone at that price.. next time i'm out of town i'll look around places for 2nd hand gear. maybe even some on trade & exchange even, who knows.
  7. tbrannon


    Jun 11, 2006
    I know right where you're at- Taumaranui is a nice little town, but you'll be hard pressed to find much there or even in Taupo for gear. Good luck with the schooling- Tauranga is a nice place + the beach is always nice!

    I saw that F1-X. I had a 5 string Alembic Rogue shipped here from the States. Alembic gear is worth paying for- but not $700 for an F1-X. They can be picked up for around $400US- you could buy one and have it shipped for $20 bucks.
  8. ebe9


    Feb 26, 2006
    South Africa
    Just throwing out a suggestion.

    Have you had a look at the Fender 400 Pro 2X10, with the option of adding on the 1X15 extension cab at a later point?
  9. The GB is actually way more convienant to move than square design cabs. Because its stacked up like that, being taller, it gets closer to your arms, which means you don't have to bend over so far to get the cab off the ground.

    Also, the weight thing is a BIG plus. You don't think it, but it is. I'm in highschool too, but talking to guys that didn't have the lightweight Neo options that we have now, who had to move the heavy stuff over and over again and now have major back issues, that's convinced me to make the weight a MAJOR factor in my purchases.

    Plus, like you said, your not in an up and coming band, and your not touring, so you don't really need the Roadready case. Tolex, even Carpet, holds up ok when your just moving it from dorm to session. Those RoadCases are designed for major abuse, getting handled improperly by roadies at clubs and venues, getting tossed around in the back of a van, etc.
  10. lamarjones

    lamarjones Supporting Member

    Aug 27, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    the mesas are nice, but if you can find light 2x12 now, you'll probably dig it even more since you might have to do a lot of hauling, and sometimes in a not so convenient manner. For what you said the 2x12 cost, you could probably find a used epifani ul212. Hell, even a avatar if you wanted. I really would go used on the cab if you can.

    I think the compressor is the only thing you might not need. Some people say you need one, other people say get your technique down where you don't need it. Personally, I either back off or turn it on with my hands if I need more or less. Only in a studio would it really make a difference, for me though.

    Lastly, werd on the gk1001rbII. Its beefy as hell, and pretty light and portable. do it.

    edit: I just saw an ad for 2 aguilar gs112s for 550? I have heard that exact same rig, actually have done it myself, and it will smack people seriously if you use it full on. and, you can just lug one around for smaller gigs. Currently I use a 210 and a 112 and get told to turn down a bit. when I played borderline metal, it was definitley enough.
  11. tbrannon


    Jun 11, 2006
    I'll answer on behalf of Niff- we'd both love to get our hands on avatar, epifani or schroeder gear, but it just ain't happening here in NZ.

    You can get stuff shipped over from Australia, but you can expect to pay about 3x the price for gear in Australia as compared to the US. Then chuck on Trans-Tasman shipping and it makes it just plain ric-cockulous to get decent gear here in New Zealand.
  12. Since you are in New Zealand, get in touch with Harley Dear who lives there, and is a long time bassist and cabinet builder.

    Check out the other cab options that Harley can show you. He's very knowledgeable, and might save you hours/years of reinventing the wheel.

    Considering your age, there is a lot of musical growth that will be happening over the next few years. This also include gear trading as your skills and awareness progresses. My advice: always buy it used, and be careful not to overpay. This lets you recover your investment when you trade up.
  13. Niff


    Mar 18, 2007
    New Zealand
    have you been to schooling for music or anything of the like? always good to hear from another NZ musician.

    heh, i forgot - we're doing damn well against the american dollar these days. when i was looking at those a while back it would have cost an insane amount to get it over here.

    as tbrannon said, can't get any of that gear here (cept for the GK). i'll take the advice and try to get as much used gear as possible. i'll be far from rich when i need it..

    also, about the compressor - i know it's not quite needed, but i can't really control the craziness of my effects by changing my playing style (well, a little). apart from that it's a fun thing to play around with, especially in a learning environment. the more tools i have the better it will be, i assume.

    i really wish this wasn't the case, but it's true. hopefully one day our dollar will stay high and big companies will take notice of us.. but even i probably won't see the day. :p

    fender gear is obscenely overpriced here too (800 bucks for a 100W 1x15 rumble combo, etc) and i'd rather a stack for expansion purposes. but thanks for the advice!

    yeah you're right - i probably won't need a roadready case, it just looks professional and makes me feel more secure about loading gear into the back of vehicles without me looking after it. the squarer design makes more sense in my mind but i'll probably change my mind later on - and the weight is a definite plus, but i don't know what i'm sacrificing to get that less weight exactly. durability? tonal quality? or is it all fine?

    very interesting - i'll read through that forum soon.

    i figured i'll have a lot of growth and mind changing ahead of me, but i'm pretty sure that i'll be sticking with my hard rock and metal influences for a very long time. although i can see branching out into other genres on my horizons somewhere..

    thanks for all the help everyone! keep it comin', if ya like :)
  14. Well, both cabs use Neodynium speakers. These speakers use Neodynium magnets to power the speakers. Where traditional magnets weigh several pounds, Neos can weigh as few as 7oz.

    The thing about the Mesa's design is they weigh down the cabinet with lots of internal bracing that I think is unnessicary. They say it improves stability (which doesn't matter once you house the cab inside a 40lbs road case) and low end response.

    Where as the Genz Benz designs its cabs to be light. Instead of completley filling the empty space inside the cabinet with bracing and weight, they expand the footprint of the cab, and use specially designed ports to do the same thing, improve low end response and cab stability. It does more or less the same thing, only differently.
  15. will33


    May 22, 2006
    I like the 1001rb's but the only thing I would remind you of is that the cooling fan blows out the top of the head, not the back like most, so you need 1 rack space empty on top the head to allow proper airflow/cooling. Basically consider it a 3 rack space head even though it only occupies 2 because you need the 3rd one for air space/cooling above the amp. Something to consider when looking at racks but still worth it IMO.
  16. If poss. worth trying Mark Bass LMII they're at good prices here in Aus. how bout NZ??? Whether U like the sound is another matter. hard to go wrong with GK & Mesa tho!
  17. RBasss


    Dec 13, 2006
    Richmond, VA
    East Coast Sales Coordinator - Crafter Guitars
    If you end up gettting a rack compressor I would reccomend the dbx 166XL. I used one in the effects loop of my 1001RB-II when I had my rack setup and it worked great. Very transparent.
  18. I'm a bi-amper, and just replaced my Rane MX22 and MC22 with a single DC22 which combines both crossover and compressor/limiter into a single 1RU unit. All three of these are out-of-production boxes, but plentiful on eBay, and serviceable by Rane.
  19. vtwo


    Dec 16, 2006
    You might be able to save a bit on a DTR-1000 instead of the 2000 - unless you want the extra features. And like someone said before, it is a luxury item so don't worry about it yet; a simple tuner will do for now.
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