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Help a lightweight newcomer with Amp heads pls!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Musicman20, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Small, fairly lightweight, compact, loud, solid state or ‘hybrid’ Bass Amp Required – Please recommend

    Budget: Approx £500-£600 MAX! (Mid price range)

    Hello everyone!

    Really need some advice on a head that fits the small/lightweight ish/loud category!

    I already have a full Orange Tube setup, so I need a backup head, and for times when I simply don’t see the need for my full rig.

    We have gigs where sometimes we are ALL packed into one estate car, and I don’t like putting my Orange Head in the boot, to get it there to find the cab is absolute crap. For a start, I prefer the Orange to be transported properly, not crammed in a small space, and there seems no point taking my dream amp to some DIY setup sometimes. I did use my amazing old Trace, but Ive sold that on. I would have kept it, but I cant just keep guying amps and keeping them, hahahah!

    So….my quest is now for a backup. I want a head that will growl! Plenty of punch, plenty of watts (if its ss), and reliable. I like quite bright, yet distinctive and punchy bass. I will be using Fender P, MM Stingrays, and hopefully a Fender J soon.

    I have decided that the amps that would suit my styles of music I like (anything from hardcore punk, to rock, to funk) and my current band would be perhaps another Orange (Bass Terror), Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0, a GK (if they make a decent head for this range) or I might even stretch to an SVT-3 Pro...but they ain't light! So maybe thats a daft idea.

    I’m considering waiting for the Orange Bass Terror (500 Watts, and possible even a 1000 Watts version due out very soon).

    Gallien Kruger seem to produce good bass amps, but I’ve heard problems with reliability.

    Cab wise, I’ve got an Ampeg 810e (for bigger shows) and the two Orange OBC cabs (1x15 and a 4x10 with horn). So, im pretty much going down the rock rig category!

    The heads needs to be able to work pretty well with those cabs and most others! As a lot of the time I am using house cabs! 4 Ohms minimum is fine.

    I think the prices of Mark Bass are out of my budget, and not the tone I’m after.

    What other manufacturers should I check out?

    I think the Genz benz looks awesome. Can the 6.0 give me some real grit? I mean, it wont grit like the Orange, but just a nice amount? I like tube grit a lot.

    Is it worth me waiting for the new Shuttle 6.0 max? Or is that just a two channel version? I don't know a lot about new lightweight bass gear.

    It needs to sound good with tradtional cabs. Im all about tradional heavy cabs. A lightweight head will help on my tour thats coming up.

  2. UncleBalsamic


    Jul 8, 2007
    Regarding Markbass, the new LMIII is going to have an RRP of about £599 according to the distributor Proel, so that falls in you budget. They're supposed to be clean with some warmth that some think is close to how valve heads sometimes sound (I think JimmyM has said this, don't hurt me if you didn't). That said I don't think you'd find much in the way of grit from that, but there is the new LM Tube which is out soon. No price given yet, but most likely a tad more than the LMIII. That might suit you quite well, but there are many options from many different companies.

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