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  1. timwoodie


    Apr 7, 2014
    Rhode Island
    I have a SVT CL that immediately blows the fuse when you switch it off standby. I also noticed the led doesn't turn green like it is supposed to before you switch the standby. Any ideas on the problem?
  2. rickdog

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    Mar 27, 2010
    More information would help. How old is the amp? What's the history of this failure, was it working before this? Did it just suddenly start blowing fuses, or were there other symptoms first? Have you looked in the back when switching it out of standby, is there a bright flash inside one (or more) of the output tubes?

    The SVT-CL standby light should be red when in standby and turn green when switched out of standby. It is supposed to have a protection circuit that detects excessive current in a tube and shuts off the high voltage; this is indicated by the light flashing alternately red and green. Blowing the fuse before the fault circuit shuts it down is not a real good sign.
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    Sorry but you need to take the amp to a tech. This is not the sort of amp to try to repair without prior knowledge and skills. The voltages within the unit are LETHAL!

    Don’t replace the fuse again - you may well be causing more damage to the amplifier.
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