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Help at ID-ing this SG/EB copy

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by getriba, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. getriba


    Oct 29, 2013
    Hi all!

    New as a member but a regular read-only guest till now.
    I run my own guitar repair shop and a friend of mine stopped by and brought a noname short-scale SG/EB copy.

    We haven't found any info on the internet. Here are the specs I gathered:

    - solid body, possibly spruce (at least the cavities that are exposed look like it)
    - neck looks brown/reddish like mahogany (but could easily be a substitute wood that only looks like it), the neck however feels slightly spongy when pushing down on the headstock
    - rosewood-like fingerboard, but looks too dry for RW
    - cellulioud veneer on the headstock, no logo or #
    - MOP (maybe fake) binding with absolutely no separation, cracks or off-gasing
    - celluloid nut that is severely rotten and cracked (even smells bad)
    - blade type pups, 2V/2T
    - latching toggle switch
    - electronics look like German Framus guitars from the 60's (chocolate brown wafers in the pots, square pot casings, cylindrical caps, like the paper-in-oil type)
    - cherry translucent body finish, the sealer is clearly visible and really resembles mahogany guitar (same goes for neck, but is tinted brown)
    - surprisingly good tuners
    - possibly catalyst finish

    I strung it up briefly and tried it and everything looks and sounds okay. The neck has a few lifted frets and a few bumps, but all in all straight as an arrow. The sound ... well, slightly cheesy, but that's what I expected and I am not bothered with it. Action is perfect, often times I have to completely change the neck angle to get the saddles where I want them, but this one has plenty of wiggle room.

    Apart from that, it is a real minter in it's own right. Chrome looks supreme, no corrosion on the pup poles, just the soft-steel screws are a bit oxidized, everything else looks top notch. Hardly played at all, no scratch marks, a few dings and a few hairline cracks.



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