Help Bass Broke And I Don't Know What To Do?

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  1. Hi, I'm a semi-knew bassist and I have a kind of urgent question, I was playing my bass when I noticed the cord plugged into the bass was kind of loose. I then pulled out the cord and a washer and a nut fell out and now I can see an exposed metalic coil when I look into the hole. What should I do, is there an easy fix to this?

    Edit: Okay thanks for the help, I fixed it. IMG_0079.JPG
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    Remove the little screws that fasten the control plate to the bass.

    Push the output jack back through the control plate. Put the washer and nut back on the jack.

    Screw the control plate back onto the bass.
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    Don’t worry! Not a big problem. As above but add these steps. When you get the jack in your hands, check for broken wires. You can put the nut on and plug it in to check that it’s working. But don’t tighten the nut down hard yet. Just finger tight.

    Look at the jack. You’ll see a long metal tab. You should assemble it so the tab is facing the pots and in line with them. Tighten the nut HARD while holding the jack in position. That long tab is the “hot” line and you want to be sure it isn’t touching the walls of the cavity it sits in or it may short out and you won’t get any output.

    You can also add a touch of nail polish or locktite to the barrel threads to lock the nut in place so it doesn’t loosen again. Check you bass hardware occasionally to make sure everything is tight.
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    Good to learn how the instrument is put together. Fender (and most bolt on basses) are pretty simple.
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