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    Here is the deal.I need to boost my bass signal to the board.So they do not have to run the gain so high to get it back to me in our Aviom2.Will a Sans amp DI or some thing similar do this?
  2. Yes a Sansamp will do it because it has active gain controls on it, much like a dedicated preamp. Tell us what your current signal chain is so we may be able to direct you in a more precise fashion.
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    I have a fender Am dlx bass thats active,I run a 1/4cable 15ft to a standard direct box,xlr out of box about 30 ft to about 120 feet of snake to the mixing board,from there it is run back through 120 feet of cat 5 to our aviom2 personal monitors,then to my ear buds.The issue seems to be in getting a strong signal to the board and there in lyes my original post.thanks
  4. A Sansamp type box is exactly what you're looking for but be warned that the Sansamp in particular significantly alters your tone. Good for some, bad for others.

    Some other choices are:

    Avalon U5
    Art Tube MP
    Behringer Mic200
    GT Brick
    ...........and others

    Beware of units like the Aguilar DB 924. It is a fine sounding "preamp" but it doesn't function well as a gain unit. When set flat and cranked it is at unity gain.

    Good luck and enjoy your search. :cool:
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    Aug 20, 2003
    you could also try using an active di, like a countryman or radial to
    keep signal integrity. it won't boost your gain like the afore mentioned pre-amps, but it also won't color the sound so much...
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    Should I also avoid the sadowky outboard preamp as the aggie?
  7. I do believe the Sadowski unit is the same as the Aggie in terms of gain. These boxes are nothing more than "outboard" versions of their active tone controls that go into a bass. They are great at what they do, they just don't meet your particular needs.

    Just thinking out loud here but you could use a piece of rack gear at the PA end like an EQ to boost the signal before inserting into the channel. That would be a clean, non tone altering way (unless you want that).
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    THanks for all your help,I will be looking at the art tube and also a duncan paranormal.Marty
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    The Radial Pro48 has a very hot output, sounds at least as good as a Sansamp, and might be cheaper. (I always hit the pads on my Pro48s though, so the signal level is closer to the levels of everything else.)

    In theory, there should be no difference between sending a hotter signal down the snake, and increasing the preamp gain on the console. If turning the gain up gives you the signal you need and there's not too much hiss from the preamp, all is well. That knob goes all the way 'round for a reason :)

    I'd try a different DI, cable, snake channel, and console channel, just to be sure everything is working rightly.