Help choosing a bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Ryan Berry, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. MIA Fender Jazz 4

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  2. MIJ Geddy Lee Jazz 4, plus adding a J Retro

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  3. Lakland Skyline 4

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  1. Im looking to sell my Warwick Streamer STD because I want a more classic "oldschool" sound. Im down to 3 choices, so id apprecite opinions, but im leaning toards the GL jazz.

    note: I slap a bit
  2. Every Jazz needs a J-Retro. I say the Geddy Lee Jazz w/ Retro.
  3. Im basically looking for an active jazz with a maple board, and i like the GL, thats $630 for the bass, + $250 for the J retro, but i found this at the Bass Palace, and its the same price as the GL without upgrades and it already is active

    so I think I might just get this, its pretty too.
  4. MIA Fender Jazz 4.
  5. Well I think I've found my bass, anyone wanna buy a Warwick Streamer Std with included extras?
  6. what kind of Fender is that?
  7. Well I just emailed basspalace and they told me it has been sold. :( I still want a maple board active jazz though, so what would you consider the better choice, getting a Fender Jazz Standard Deluxe(mim, active electronics, mia pups) and buying a new warmoth neck, or getting the Geddy Lee Jazz and dropping in a j reto. The Deluxe would end up costing $780 (or less if i dont get black block inlays and binding) and the Geddy Lee would cost $880, both new. Would the Geddy Lee be worth the extra
    $100? Is MIJ much better than MIM? Will that matter after a neck replcement anyways?
  8. mij is way better then mim. the geddy lee comes with a badass bridge and fender custom shop vintage jazz pickups. so i would get the geddy lee and a jretro
  9. but its a mim deluxe so it comes with US deluxe pickups and electronics, so its better then a mim standard. So what, other than pickups, makes a MIJ better than MIM?
  10. Also, would the J Retro be better than an Aguilar OBP-1?