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    I've owned this Jazz neck for a while, and only lately have noticed how deep the grooves of the grain are. Compared to other necks, the grain on this fretboard looks and feels loose and open.


    Does anyone have an explanation for this? Does it look like the fretboard been damaged (moisture/dryness) or previously refinished? Will playing on it in this condition damage it, or adversely affect my playing? Is there any way to tighten the grain?

    I should mention that I am not the original owner. The neck was taken from a Highway One Jazz Bass and is dated November 2008. (Fender documentation says it is rosewood, and it certainly looks like rosewood to me.)

    If there are other threads where this issue has been addressed, please link them!

    All educated input and insight is greatly appreciated.
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    Over the years quality rosewood has been harder and harder to get. Makers have had to settle for lesser grades of wood or face increasing costs. There were years that rosewood harvests were low and makers had to resort to lesser grades. Yours is one. It has more open grain that a higher quality board.

    Sometimes you will see rosewood that is nice and dark - almost black. That's often because it was an inferior grade that was dyed. There was nothing wrong with the wood other than an anemic colour, so dying was the answer.

    You shouldn't try to do anything to "correct" your fretboard. Some might advocate a grain filler, but that will only give you problems in the long run. There is nothing wrong with your board - it won't cause problems as it is.
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