HELP! Fender Baritone Custom strings?

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  1. I need some help finding strings for my baritone custom. all that I can find are Fender Bass VI strings and they are not the same, different ball ends and the scale is longer. I looked on fenders web site and can not even find a tech. support email! whats with that.
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    Baritone strings

    Check each manufacturers website for details.

    FWIW, the Fender Sub-Sonic Baritone Tele (27" scale) comes with Fender Sub-Sonic 1080L baritone strings, guages .011 - .064 P/N 0731080003
  3. They have no info on this set of strings, that i can find. tuned E to E one octave below guitar. 95 to 25 gauge small ball end scale 28.5
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    A few things;

    If the issue is not gauge but ball end size and the strings are long enough you can thread the strings through bass string ball ends. Guitar ball ends will not pass through a bass' ball ends.

    If the issue is availability Ernie Ball makes a Bass VI set (their A string is a .072 which is about right) that is nearly identical to the octave E set - you can toss the E string (or send it to me ;) ) and pick up a single plain .015 or .014 to give you your A tuning.

    There is always the single string option - most standard guitar strings will have enough length to let you tune up a bari. Only exception that would negate this may be whether you string through the body.

    Good luck!
  5. Emailed Fender and got a good response! :hyper: They do make them and the p/n is 073-5350-001 for anyone who is interested.