Help! Fender P-bass, transparent dark blue, white pickups, 70's black and gold logo, no serial

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  1. kcwm


    Jan 27, 2008
    NRH, TX
    I might have a trade lined up for a "USA" bass but the big red flag of a rubbed off serial number is stopping me from trading. I found a thread on here from a google search that talked about stolen basses from way back having the serial number rubbed off.

    I'm looking for a keeper bass, so the missing serial isn't a deal breaker, but I'm hoping to find info from you guys here.

    Here's what I know:

    Transparent blue body
    White pickup covers
    70's gold and black logo without patent info on the bottom.

    I found this site and it looks like the bass head that started in 1977.

    The potential trader bought it in 2004, so the logo predates the highway one switch to the same logo in 2006. The pickups could be aftermarket, but from digging around, it seems that white pickups aren't necessarily the most common thing. The pickups are yellowed a little, so who knows.

    Here are the two pictures I have so far and I've asked for more.

    I might stumble upon the info I'm looking for like I did with the recent MIJ model I asked about, but so far the same way I found info on that is turning up nada.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give.
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  2. FunkHead

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Did you question them about the serial #?? Sometimes they are just Photo-shopped out of pictures/
  3. kcwm


    Jan 27, 2008
    NRH, TX
    They were upfront about the serial number being removed and that it was that way hen they bought it in 2004
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  4. The bridge isn't from a 70s Precision. "Made In USA" is missing too. In some cases the serial number was removed from "grey imports". But why should someone remove the Made In USA?
  5. kcwm


    Jan 27, 2008
    NRH, TX
    It does looks like the made in USA is there in the photo on imgur.

    Good to know about the bridge.
  6. /\/\3phist0

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    Aftermarket replacement neck?
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  7. Fake.

    Just compare the positioning/relative distances on the picture from the site that you've linked to with the bass in question. There would've been no room for the serial number under the "Fender" insignia to begin with.

    If still in doubt, ask for pictures of the neck heel and joint.

    But honestly, even if it were a Fender, would you want to be in the possession of a bass that was likely stolen at some point in its life? I know I wouldn't, but to each their own.
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  8. two fingers

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    Yeah the "Made in USA" is literally falling off the edge of the head. The word "Fender" is positioned so low there was never a serial number under there. There are no marks left behind where the serial was "rubbed" off either.

    The bridge is wrong but lots of guys replaced bridges back then.

    Weren't 70s P bass truss rod adjustments at the head and not the heel? I could be wrong on that one.

    At the very least we need a lot more pics.

    Neck pocket
    Neck heel
    Neck plate
    Back of the tuners
    Under side of the pickup
  9. No. Unlike Jazz Bass, standard Precision Bass of that era hasn't moved to 3-bolt neck design and the corresponding "bullet" truss rod.
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  10. kcwm


    Jan 27, 2008
    NRH, TX
    I did ask for more pictures of the front and back of the head, body, and neck heel/pocket and pots, but realize that enough people aren’t keen on doing all that.

    The guy hasn’t tried to pawn it off as a 70s bass at all, just that it’s American. I don’t think he’s up to something. He said it was purchased from a music store back in the early aughts.

    I did notice the USA logo. I know lots of people bag on the 70s/80s Fenders and I was curious how the qc was. Then again, is this really just a bad case of qc or an aftermarket neck like has been mentioned.

    I haven’t spent much time getting familiar with Fender Basses like I have the guitars, so that’s I why I posted here.
  11. Dluxe

    Dluxe Guest

    Jan 9, 2011
    It's real. The extra pickguard screw by the pickup is there. Replaced bridge. Probably was an S9 number. Will have a stamp at the butt end of the neck. White pickguard and pickup covers arrived by late '79 with no holes drilled for pickup and bridge covers.
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  12. Ghastly


    Oct 18, 2015
    I wouldn't touch it if the serial number was removed. It's either phony or stolen but in any event I don't like it, if it were me.
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  13. kcwm


    Jan 27, 2008
    NRH, TX
    So you’d never buy a partscaster with a water slide decal made to appear as a fender neck?

    There’s a solid chance this is the case.
  14. beaglesandbass

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    Aug 14, 2001
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    Is the top strap button on the inside of the upper horn?
  15. Admiral Akbar

    Admiral Akbar

    Mar 12, 2013
    New York

    That transparent blue was a legit Fender color offered in 79/early 80’s . Not a common color, but legit nevertheless.

    Not sure what happened with the logo sticker, however. More pics of the neck pocket, etc would help.
  16. Ghastly


    Oct 18, 2015
    Yes you're right, I would not. I agree on these chances.
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  17. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    This looks very possible. The Made in USA is literally barely on the headstock. Waterslide decals I've seen have a bogus serial number on it so perhaps the owner removed it so as not to be even more confusing. I don't know, it depends what you're trading it for and whether the bass is still a viable player despite that. Probably best not to value this as anything other than at best a partscaster, at worst, a stolen instrument. I probably wouldn't do it personally if trading a bass of any value to me. Aren't there numbers on the pots too and in the neck pocket perhaps?
  18. kcwm


    Jan 27, 2008
    NRH, TX
    Hoping to get those tomorrow from the owner. The neck looks good and if the body is legit from the 70s, it might just be worth the swap
  19. Indiana Mike

    Indiana Mike Supporting Member

    Nov 18, 2005
    Run away is my opinion
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  20. snarebear


    Apr 19, 2012
    Is it worth it to get it confiscated by the Police in a theft investigation? I know, long shot, but could happen and you would be out the value of the trade. Your decision.