HELP!!floppy B on a 4string bass

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  1. hi all,i think i need a lil' help here.I've just restrung my cheap yamaha 4string bass to BEAD,using rotosound RS665LD.The new B string is absolutely unplayable.It's extremely floppy that it buzzes on every note i play on the neck while the other 3 have no problems.Any ideas??

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    Sep 6, 2002
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    with BEAD tuning, your neck will staighten out (due to less tension from the strings), lowering the action. Try loosening the truss rod to add more relief in the neck, then raise the bridge saddles until there is no more buzz...
  3. also,because its my first time changing strings,i want to know if the way i do it is right.Should i use the tuner to wind up the string or by hand after i inserted the string into the hole?

    thank you very much

  4. Let me get this straight.

    This is the first time you ever changed your own strings, and you decided to change to BEAD.
    :D Good luck with that. :D

    If you are not familiar with setting up your own bass, my suggestion would be to bring it to a guitar tech at your local music store to do the set up for you. It's going to take some tweaking to get it to be playable. Truss rod adjustments, string height, intonation, and then adjust the height of the p/ups.

    You could also do a search here to learn how to set up your own bass if you want to experiment for yourself. You may even find someone who has done the same thing and had the same question. Google would also be a good place to find articles on how to do a proper set up. Bass player Magazine has had some good articles as well.

    IMO, the cheap Yamaha five string basses don't have a very good B string, so don't expect much from converting a four string, but you should be able to get it to be playable.
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    Use a heavy set of strings especially for the B.
    145, 110, 90, 70. This should eliminate floppiness on all strings but you are going to have to play cables. You may need to have your nut cut too. If your bass is an entry level model the truss rod may not be able to counter act the tension.
    Like a previous post has said if you are new to set-ups and adjustments, take it to a tech and have him do the work. The $40.00 will probably be worth it if that is what you really want.
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    you are doneski!

    This is not an easy job my man. Loosen the truss rod a bit, maybe raise the string height... definate intonation adjustment will be needed. You would need a thicker string gauge too. You may have to file out the nut if you have bought a set of 5 string strings and used the lowest 4.

    Good luck...
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    Be carefull how much you ajust a the truss rod though in one day. I think the general rule is 1/4 turn perday, posibly 1/2 but anyways be carfull.
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    Oct 5, 2005
    I agree with Chunk-O-Funk, you may want to try a good tech to do a work over set up. I had a Yamaha 5 once and I had the tech move the bridge back about 1/4" to help tight the B.
    Any more than a 1/4" would then of altered the intonation. But it helped. I also used a 125 for the B string. In your case, anything heavier should be on a 35" or 36" scale neck.
  9. SGT. Pepper

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    Nov 20, 2005
    That is the general rule of thumb but I have had basses where I did full turns with no problems. The necks were really bowed however, mostly Fenders.
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    yeah I try to follow that rule too but most tech's will just crank away till they get it the way they want.
  11. I have a MM stingray and all i did was tune down my DR's to BEAD. I didn't even go for the five string set. I have to play softer on my bass, but that is really all. I found that i have more controll of wether the tone is messey or not with looser strings. Love the deep sound tho. BEAD is amazing. :hyper: