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Help for buying a new bass

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Adendeleeuw, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. I am an electric bass player, but recently have been tempted to start learning Upright, I only have about 1000 Australian dollars to spend. What do you think would be a good bass for this price. Maybe a Thomann bass?
  2. waleross


    Nov 27, 2009
    South Florida
    Just like in the UsA, why not rent one first?:cool:
  3. Hi Aden,
    Welcome to the dark side.

    There are a few others from Australia that post here regularly, even some from NSW, some local help may get you a bargain, but $1000 is not really enough for an instrument that you will actually want to play and persist with.

    Do some research on this site, there is not much info on the specific basses available in Australia, but reading about other peoples experience’s with cheaper basses could save you a lot of pain both financially and physically. Read the setup forum as well, so you get an understanding of what is involved.

    A cheap (Hofner) Upright got me started on this awesome instrument, so I tend towards the “Cheap bass better than no bass” side of the fence, but you don’t want a dog that may fall apart, or just sit in the corner un-played and un-loved.

    Do the research!

    Sorry, have no idea on the Thomann.

  4. I agree with you there, I have the opportunity to Rent a 3/4 from my school, Its not the best bass, But it will work, But by all means am I a tall person, Im only 14 so im 5"4, But I will try to put together enough money for a better upright, At the local music shop they were selling a pretty nice upright for $1800. Until then I guess I'll rent the DB, Thanks for the reply. I also Bought a Warwick Corvette Brand new for $160, Best buy I've ever made.
  5. solutionbassist


    Apr 19, 2010
    I rent an 3/4 upright w/ a 5/8 neck from my school. We have a really nice bunch of basses. If you don't have an opertunity like this, rent from a music store. A bassist I know borrowed a bass from his school, the string company wasn't in buissness anymore. lol =]
  6. There's a really good double bass shop in Sydney in Parramatta. The bloke that runs it is friendly and knowledgable and I've heard does good setups. Might be worth wondering in and having a chat. He always has a selection of used and new, plywood, hybrid and solid in stock. He gets some in from China too:


    I love my Chinese solid carved bass (which I got here in Perth) and it has amazed my teacher and a local luthier with its tone and quality. I got it set up separately here too. Cost a bit more than your budget, but not that much more.
  7. Thanks, I was actually looking at the bass-shop recently and they were selling a nice db for about 1700.
  8. Another option: My mate over here was moving up from a laminated bass which he'd had for years (and actually wasn't that bad) to wanting a carved. Didn't have a huge budget - about the same as yours.

    He basically scoured free-ads and ebay for months until he found an old 1930s full-size carved. German I think. It needed strings and the back was peeling off at one point. He took it to one of the good local luthiers who sorted it out. I think he spent about $1500AU in the end in total.

    It now sounds amazing, as an 80-year old carved German should. But of course he's a full-time musician (mostly electric) and had the time, and knowledge to do it. Possibly a bit of a risk not knowing how it turned out, but he never thought so.

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