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Help from the 5-string players... noob here!

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by NickInMesa, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. I bought a Yamaha BBG5S on Saturday, as I read great reviews about it and love Yamahas and wanted to try a 5-string. It's tuned BEADG and everything about it is awesome (as long as you like active electronics). Plus it has some history, as it was used for recording apparently (I emailed the supposed original owner, asking him kindly to authenticate, which he may or not do).

    I have started to play it over the week end, probably 3 or 4 hours of random stuff over a beat box, plus a few lines, usually things that are played rather low, like for instance some Journey or one of my favorite lines to try a bass: Carry On Wayward Son.

    Please tell me if I understand completely: the purpose of the 5 strings is not primarily to play 5 1/2 tones lower, but rather to avoid moving up and down the neck as much and to remain in your comfort zone as much as you can. Am I right?

    Instead of hitting the 1st fret on the E string, I would hit the 6th fret on the B string, thus preventing over-stretching my fingers (I actually have a freakish reach). When you play Carry On Wayward Son you spend quite a bit of time playing in the 5 1st frets and with a BEADG you can actually move your fretting hand up 2 or 3 frets and it's a bit more relaxing.

    I do have issues, because I confuse the strings a lot, of course, and play 5 1/2 tones lower that I should, and of course that never works.

    I want to keep it and force myself to play it, but I am a bit lost and confused and that's one big neck too, my fretting hand seems to tire a lot.

    My usual favorite bass is an RBX 270, by the way, which I rotate with an 83 Peavey Foundation.

    Any ideas, advices? Words of encouragement?

  2. Alduroth


    Mar 3, 2009
    I got a BTB 675 as 5 string, neck isnt alot bigger then my old 4 str.
    I use my B to play stuff on my E aswell, since playing 1 string fast is easier.

    here is a guy with 5 string playing alot on the B string 7, when the original of this song was played with 4 string, thus preventing alot of moving around and such.

    To get the feel of an extra string just play scales or the
    thing up and down. This is a nice finger excercise too.
    Also name the note you're playing

    I do play in a band which uses alot of B notes that's why I got my 5'er.
    Play (dunno if you're a metal fan but) Inis Mona by Eluveitie, Gallery of Suicide by Cannibal Corpse, and Mineral by Atheist (just make the stuff on the e on 7 b)
    Stuff that utilise all your strings is best imo.
    This is what got me close with my 5'er. Also do some funk, cuz its cool. (slides are awesome :p)

    Anyway, good luck with your extra string!
    You can do it!

    hope my yabberdapper makes sense

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