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  1. Hi Everybody, i am not an Expert on Vintage Instruments so i need a help, i am trading my Fender Precision Bass Fretless (75) For this Bass, let me know How much it worth?How much i could ask if i sell it?

    It is a 1971 Gibson SG EB-0 Some Dents and scratches here and there no buzzing,With Hardshell case

    Thanks for your help and experience!

  2. Ampeg SVT

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    I wouldnt do it, but what color/condition is your P in?
    And do you have any pics of the P?

    Edit: I see you are asking about the EB-0, actually that would be a EB-3.
    It has the slotted headstock so it could be a '71. A common issue with the slotted headstocks is that they broke easily, is this one repaired or still unbroken?
    Prices really vary from just under a grand to about $1500, I would safely say $1200.
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    Mar 10, 2007
    I would :)
    But only because i love this body type, and if it plays great. i would take her in a sec.
    But thats me :) I'm impulsive
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    the fender is most likely worth more, alot more.
  5. Thank you guys, my P-Bass is a 75 Factory Fretless,everything original except for the pickups they are old dimarzios,i have 2 months trying to sell it on ebay but didn't sell, i am asking $1500 ,that is what i need to buy a new bass (fretted)

    Any other information about the EB-0 or EB-3?? Will help

  6. By the way the Gibson does not have any repairs,or cracks, just some wear,and it is all original,remember that i want to make the trade to sell the gibson but whant to know aproximateley how much i can get.

    Thanks a lot

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    As said before, 1200 sounds like a good price for the Gibson. I've seen several in local music shops that ranged from a grand to 1300.
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    That EB3 should have a varitone - not a three-way switch (is that a three way switch?) Alos should have a bridge cover.

    heres a 1971 EB3 in original condition

    Looks original other than that.

    You should check all the pots are original as this will decrease value if not. The link has an image of the internal electronics.

    How much is still there?