Help I am buying a new bass amp

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  1. Hi
    I am looking at buying a new bass amp. I curently play a peavey TKO 75. I am on a tight budget. Ebay is not really a bargin because I live in Canada and not alot of stuff is sold from Canada and if I buy from the States I am looking at paying duty, this has happened to me more than one.
    This is a hobby for me nothing serious. I play about 10 shows a year in 4 different venues 50% of the time I use a DI into the board. Most shown range from 60 to 100 people and I would say the venues are about 60% full.
    We play a wide range of music from ACDC, Beastie Boys, Duran Duran, to the Eagles, CCR, and celtic stuff. I like warm bass sound but no distortion, and I need to punch through a Guitarist with a Les Paul and a Fender Deville, a second guitarist with a Gibson Night Hawk and a Mesa tube combo with 12" speaker and a loud drummer.
    My music store carries Yorkville but he can get me anything. I live in a small town not close to any city and all that is in the store that I can afford is a Yorkville 50 w.
    I am thinking about a ashdoen electricv blue 12' 180 or an ashdown Mag 300 15" or a Genz Benz GBE 100 210
    Does anyone have any recommendations? am I looking in the right direction?
    Help please.
  2. How about a Gallien Krueger Backline 600?

    300 watts...$1.00 per watt
  3. I think I should have specifies that I am looking at combo amps only. I don't know if it's myth or fact but I heard the GK backline combo amps don't have a fan and they tend to over heat easily and cut out. Essentially I've been told thier higher end stuff is good but to stay way from the backline combo's.
  4. What is your budget exactly? GKs are great for some things, but I would not reccomend one for what you described as your sound.
  5. I don't have alot of money I figuered 300 to 350 U.S. which would be 400 to 500 cdn. to give you an example an Ashdown electric blue is 319 U.S and it's 399 in cdn.
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    Apr 3, 2005
    The Yorkville XM200C should do it for you at $500 Canadian. Sounds very good for something at such a low price and very solid and reliable.
  7. Thanks
    I have heard nothing but good things about yorkville, I had the xm 200 t ( 210) on my list but it's just out of my price range. The reg 15" 200 is at the upper end of my price range but it's definatly one I am considering. Though I must say everyone in my town plays yorkville and generally I like to be different from everyone else, but I have not ruled it out. My guitarist says I should get a 210 or 12" as he finds 15" combos are too muddy.

  8. If you like the sound of your Peavey, go for a larger Peavey combo.
  9. I hate the sound of my PEAVEY, It seems to be muddy it has a 7 band EQ plus the bass, mid, treb, knobs and a bright botton 80w 15" speaker. Trust me I have owned this amp for 18yrs and in that time I have played with the settings and it allways sounds muddy on the e string.
    Maybe what I am looking for doesn't exist in my price range.
    I don't need alot of gadgets, just big warm sound but one that is clear, an amp that when you play and e and an f on the e string you can tell the difference. Yet it's got to cost 300 to 350 U.S
  10. About 10 years ago, Peavey began to transform from a totally crappy company to a very reliable company with great bang for the buck. I would encourage you to try out a Peavey TNT before ruleing them out. If you just need a stage monitor or an amp that can run smaller shows, this would probabally be it. Yorkville would be a good choice too. Many companies make bass combos, you need to go to a local music store and try until you find one you like.
  11. Thanks I will keep this in mind. I guess I should make the 1.5 hrs trip to the city and try some things out. What I was hoping to achieve with this post was to get a short list of amps I should be looking at . I will definatly check out the Peavy TNT and Yorkville XM 200.
    I was intrested in Ashdown because of the reviews on Harmoney Central, along with the Genz Bens, and Kustom 100w combo seemed to get good reviews. What I did find however was most people did not have many years of experience, so I am looking for is more experienced opinions to create a short list (10 amps or so) and play around to find the best bang for the buck for my style of playing