HELP, I can't decide!

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  1. I think one of the Laklands or a G&L L2500 would be a great choice. the 55-01 is probably the best 5-sting bass that you can get new for under a grand. and 55-02 is pretty much the exact same as their US made 55-94 basses that cost 3 times as much. if you find a 55-02 you can afford I would say to go for it because they are awesome basses. but for the lower price the 55-01 is also a great bass that I would be proud to play.

    I'm a big G&L fan myself and I love my L2000, it has a great variety of tones to it and plays great. I have played many L2500 basses and liked all of them a lot. so any one of the three above mentioned basses would serve you well for a long time. if you can get to a store and play them that is always preferrable then you can really see what you feel most comfortable with. and just one comment on budget, I would always say to spend the extra few hundred and get something you are truely going to be happy with in the long run because you will probably end up getting it one of these days anyway.

    I don't want to make your life more confusing but if you want something a little more exotic feeling you might look into the Peavey Cirrus basses.
  2. You might want to check out the hand made Godin BG-5 .
    Extremely good fit and finish with a simple yet quality fell.
    Best thing to do is try them all and see
    what grabs ya.
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    My first 5 string was a 55-01. Excellent instrument for the price. Having never played 5 before buying it, I wanted a 5 string that I could experiment with and not spend a huge amount of money. It really was a great instrument and if I ever decide to buy a 5-string fretted instrument again, I'll definitely lean towards a Lakland.

    Currently I only own 2 basses, a Lakland Joe Osborn (4 string) and a Rick Turner Electroline 5 fretless (much more expensive than a Skyline series instrument).

    Of course, a good jazz is always a good option. Personally, I like the 55-01 better, but a jazz would be a close second for me.