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help i.d.ing this thing

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Fast n Funky 11, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Fast n Funky 11

    Fast n Funky 11

    Aug 28, 2007
    have a friend who is willing to sell me this bass for ultra cheap. it has taken A LOT of abuse, but its not a bad sounding bass. don't know who made it and to be honest she's a bit of an eyesore. the only hints i can find are

    "stradavarius model made to menc specifications (no typo), model - VBon serial number - 30017" it has a yellowish finish and purfling around the edge on the back and the front. the purfling meets to make a celtic sort of design on under the neck button.

    If anybdody has any idea your input would be appreciated. I am not so knowledgable about such things.

    i plan to use it for everything ranging from jazz, to classical, to bluesy folk

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