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  1. help me with a problem i have.

    I currently own a Squire P-Bass Sprecial (although i am very happy with it, most of the time!)

    Anyway,the problem lies with the upper strap button, is it supposed to fall unscrew completely??:confused: ;)

    I realize that it's not supposed to come off, but i dont know what to do.

    Help would be greatly appreciated
  2. embellisher

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    Is it stripped out? Or can you screw it back in?

    If it is stripped out, the quickest and easiest fix is to fill the hole with wood glue and then fill it up with toothpicks. Break off the toothpicks even with the rest of the wood, and let the glue dry. Then, put the strap button back on with the screw. The glue and toothpicks will give the screw something to bite into, and the screw should not come out again.

    I am moving this to our Setup forum, which has to do with repairs, caring for your bass etc.
  3. Thor

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    If I understand correctly what your problem is, is that the upper strap button in loose, in other words the screw that is supposed to retain the button in the wood is loose and comes out.

    The fix is easy. Take off the button. Get some wooden matches. Dip the end of a match in yellow carpenters glue. Add a second and third one if required to fill the hole. Let the glue cure overnight. Trim the excess wood so the matches are flush with the body. Poke the screw in to make a small guide dent, then screw the button and screw back in. Voila, quick, unnoticeable repair with common household items. Technique works for filling any small hole in wood.

  4. I kinda had something like this in mind, so thanks again, but do i really have to wait 24 hours,damn!

    :D haha, anyway, thanks again.
  5. Thor

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    Do it before you go to sleep. I will be ready in the morning.

    Or, if you mix a few drops of carpenters glue with SUPER GLUE, 50/50, it will cure in 20 mins. but you have to work fast and cleanly.

    Do not get it in your EYES and wear latex

    Use the matchsticks to mix it up on scrap newspaper.

  6. mgood


    Sep 29, 2001
    Levelland, Texas
    Don't get Super Glue on the finish of your instrument. :eek:
    Just be careful if you use that stuff.