Help ID MIJ Jazz

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    EB69D56C-5F43-4CC3-9B24-37C3BF83D545.jpeg 05CAEF44-5CA2-4BA1-B7F0-CA0F07F33979.jpeg 46D8D701-ECDD-4F0B-A5AC-4FCC6EB3F4DB.jpeg Hi all. I picked up this flawless Jazz today. It dates to 93-94 and has active EMG’s in it with a passive pre amp. I am assuming they aren’t original, but could care less as this thing kills! That said, what pickups would have came in it if not these? Someone in the shop said it may be a 75 re issue because it has the 3 bolt neck. I can find no source on the Japanese models. What do I have? Thanks.
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    Jan 28, 2009
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    Fender Japan / Jazz Bass JB 75-80, made mid 80s-90s?
    Pickups would have been ORIGINAL JBVINTAGE (JAPAN)

    You got any other pics of the heel, neck pocket, pickup routes etc?

    Serial #? Is it heavy?