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  1. Howzit guys.
    Here’s a challenge for all you brilliant minds out there. This beast belongs to a friend of mine. He has been trying to ID it for years. So I thought after my efforts to solve this came to naught, I would try you guys.

    Sorry for the pic quality, this what i was given to work with.
    The only manufacturers markings are, the headstock logo and made in japan on the neck plate, not even a serial number.

    He bought it in a pawn shop +- 10 years ago. You now know what I know.

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    I remember these basses, but the brand escapes me. These were good quality BC Rich copies with a Ken Smith-like headstock. I'll call my friend Jay at NJ Guitar and Bass. Jay will remember.
  3. Thanks that would be great.
    I thought it was a Shergold (but the logo is wrong) or a Shaftsbury, (the old Rose-Morris brand for distribution in the UK),but I haven’t been able to find a photo that even comes close. I know that they would change the logo around to fit what ever they were copying, so it’s interesting that you recall them from that side of the pond. It also flattens my only guess.
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