Help Identify My Ibanez

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Wolfenstein666, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Wolfenstein666


    Dec 19, 2014
    Ok, so here's the deal. I bought this bass used about 6 years ago at a local shop. To be quite honest I had just started playing seriously at the time and had no idea what I was looking for. My inexperienced self hit the lotto, because my now experienced self couldn't have picked up a better bass.

    However, I've been searching fruitlessly since I've gotten the bass to determine what model it is. I know its an Ibanez Prestige, but I've never been able to pin down what exact model it is.

    Some details-

    The Ibanez logo on the front of the head stock is not stamped, it's inlayed.

    It only has 4 knobs (black), two of which are dual knobs.

    Came with a detuner on the E string.

    Does NOT have bartoloni pickups.

    If anyone can help me identify this I'd appreciate it. Its a great axe, and I have no intentions of getting rid of it. I just want to know what I have! As I said, I have not been able to find any bass that matches this.

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  2. tobias3469

    tobias3469 Supporting Member

    Sep 28, 2013
    West Los Angeles
    Looks like an early Prestige model to me
  3. Wolfenstein666


    Dec 19, 2014
    Like how early?
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  5. Wolfenstein666


    Dec 19, 2014
    Your the man! Thanks dude! I'm super happy with the bass, I just didn't know what it was.
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  6. scourgeofgod


    Aug 17, 2006
    How well does the detuner work?
  7. Wolfenstein666


    Dec 19, 2014
    Pretty damn good. From standard to drop D it's flawless, but tuning back up always needs a little adjustment on the E string.
  8. scourgeofgod


    Aug 17, 2006
    Interesting, just wondering why Ibanez didn't use that monorail detuner for further models
  9. Pachap


    Jun 21, 2014
    Savannahstan, GA
    It's not right for me to be so jealous right before Christmas. I'm an Ibanez fanboy. You have a nice piece there my friend.
  10. Wolfenstein666


    Dec 19, 2014
    i very much appreciate the help and the comments. It really is a honey of a bass. Super thin neck, great for the megadeth-y style I play. Like I said in my OP, couldn't have got a better bass for the price.

    I don't use the de tuner much, my band plays in standard. But my old band had one song in drop D and it never failed.
  11. Pachap


    Jun 21, 2014
    Savannahstan, GA
    Look around for the Soundgear Club thread and post some pics of it there.
  12. Wolfenstein666


    Dec 19, 2014
    I certainly will. Once again, eternally greatful for the help guys.
  13. deste


    Sep 14, 2009
    Bologna, Italy, Europe
    Endorsing Artist: GullanskyLab pickups
    I agree, looks like an old Prestige (no s/n on back of headstock?).
    I tried one of them, not my kind of bass but definitely a great bass.
  14. wmhill

    wmhill Inactive

    Aug 20, 2012
    upstate NY
    MTD basses endorsed artist Bartolini pickups emerging artist TECAMP bass players gear endorsed
    I hope the "mixed driver" police don't notice the sweet boogie cab!
  15. Dragan


    Oct 5, 2009
    I am not an Ibanez expert,actually I had similar situation several months ago, but from what I saw, these Prestiges from catalogue has a mono rail bridges and yours is classic bridge. But it's a fine piece of a wood for sure! Congrats!
  16. That's 1 of only 2 knocks I have against Ibanez.

    1. It's very hard to ID a Soundgear model.

    2. That narrow-assed string-spacing on their 5/6-string Soundgears.

    So, basically what I'm saying is, I only like their 4-strings.
  17. Bassgrowl95


    Dec 14, 2011
    Actually i think his bass also got monorails. So looks like it's the model in the catalog.
  18. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    I agree with the Id'ing although newer ones do have the model number on the back of the headstock. Older MIJ ones like the SR800 don't and the only place the model #s appear are on the neck and the neck pocket. The model # was on a decal on the back of the headstock at one point but given the age, most have fallen off.
    This actually works in our favor as stores usually can't identify the more expensive SR models unless they know something about them. The SR800 is a higher end MIJ bass that sold new for around $800 but looks like either a much cheaper GSR200 or even an SR400. It's a full active bass that is just terrific. I bought mine for $100 with a hard case.
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    SG basses are meant to be thin and narrow necked. If you want wide you must go with a BTB.
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    You need to lubricate the nut a bit with graphite. If you want the thing to work flawlessly, replace with a self lubricating nut, such as tusq.