Help identifying speakers in a Sunn Cab

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  1. BobbyXIII


    Dec 11, 2011
    So I got this 2x15 Sunn cab super cheap it wasn't wired but both speakers worked. I don't know if they are the original or not but I can't find a matching eia code for them any ideas? And maybe an ohm rating for them?

  2. BobbyXIII


    Dec 11, 2011
  3. I believe CTS made them. Mine looked exactly like yours but mine had a label that said "Sunn transducer". 8 ohms each. 80 watt power rating each (or so the label said)
  4. 145 Cinaudagraph
    145 Consolidated

    I have never heard of them, CTS would have EIA code 137 on the speaker.
  5. I stand corrected, I sold my Sunn stuff years ago. (I did have a picture of the back of the driver though so that's where I got the ratings from)
  6. Wesley R

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    According to my speaker guy (way back when I was youinger) some of the Sunn transducers in the bass cabinets were CTS 15G54B. However, BString is correct about the source codes.

    Once I managed to get a couple of CTS's in a 200S cab. almost impossible.
  7. Sunn was just like everyone else back in those days, whoever had stock got the order. Special orders were JBL and Altec, stock cabs whoever could supply that week. ;)
  8. edbass


    Nov 8, 2004
    Not almost impossible, completely impossible. Not from the factory anyway, 200S cabs were all D140F with the very few pro endorser exceptions that were ordered with Altecs.
    After the Sundholms sold Sunn to Hartzell, Hartzell started manufacturing Sunn branded speakers in the Hartzell Kentucky speaker manufacturing facility. CTS, Eminence and the other speaker makers also in that Western corner of KY often used the same suppliers for magnets, chassis, etc. so the speakers are similar and has been mentioned, whoever was available often built the drivers to satisfy OEM contracts.
    However, by 1971 (the year Conrad sold Sunn) the 200S was out of production, and the once prolific 60/80 watt Sunn model lineup had been culled down to two; the 190L for guitar and 190B for bass.
    The 200S center ported cab had been replaced by the side ported 215S/M/V models, and JBL was out of the picture except by special orders from "special" end users.

    The upgrade aftermarket driver was Cerwin Vega (215V), the square magnet Sunn driver was in the 215S, and the 215M had a beefier, round ceramic motored Sunn manufactured "Magna" drivers.
  9. sturoc


    Dec 12, 2009
    Magnas were also square magnet, I had two in my 215BH cab complete w/ that magenta label !