Help identifying the Peavey RJ-IV pickups

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  1. I am trying to determine what the pickups are in my Peavey RJ-IV.

    These are Active pickups, probably EMGs, but I am not 100% sure.

    Here is a photo of the Precision pickup from behind. The Jazz pickup is still installed and shows the top cover.


  2. If they're stock, then you can just email peavey and ask them. Their customer service people are quick and awesome in every single way.
  3. Unfortunately I did, no answer.

    Maybe they did not get the email?
  4. How long ago? They've never taken more than a day or two to get back to me.
  5. I guess MNAirhead here on TB would be the guy to go to if they don't get back to you. He's owned a couple of every Peavey bass ever built at one time or another, and works on them pretty frequently to my understanding. You might try to PM him.
  6. my best guess would be Hzish something.

    I've never scoped a RJ next to Hz.. just geussing.
  7. HZs are passive :)
  8. The reason of my question is because I would like to upgrade the preamp.

    It is cute and all but it's very old school and the bass could benefit from something a bit newer.

    I was thinking about this:
  9. I'm unsure if these are passive or active.. I've never had a problem making me dig that far into an RJ..

    It is possible to throw a preamp on passive pickups.


    My best guess/suggestion is to contact EMG (not peavey) .. this bass was a minor blip in history for Meridian.
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    Those are actives. The red wire is B+ for the chip in the PU. I would guess EMG knock-offs made for Peavey since they don't have EMG on the cover. Most active PUs have a low impedance output for low noise and hum so the preamp will need to match. Not totally sure if the EMG pre in your link will work but I'd bet a beer it will.

    Recent RJ4 proto on Ebay had EMGs......


    Edit: This thing really melt my butter.
  11. Well, these say "active" on them and they are indeed active pikups. No hum, but little zing (not a slap bass).

    I am waiting on another email I sent to Peavey. I might just had to insist a bit.

    Regarding the infamous prototype (which is one of the prototypes, actually, there were more than one made), it's got passive pickups, so did the user of that one in the link confirm in an email.

    The Select Designed by EMGs are crappy passive pickups.
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    Still a beautiful bass.

  13. Ok I managed to get an answer when using my work email.

    Here is the answer from the tech:

  14. Rano Bass

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    AFAIK Peavey has always made their own pickups.
  15. And some good darn ones at that.

    I am going to keep them but may upgrade the pre-amp.

    Am now thinking between a Glockenklang or an OBP3.
  16. Rano Bass

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    I owned one of those basses years ago and regret selling it.
    If i still had it, i would use EMG's (pups and pre) because the stock electronics are a little weak for my taste.
  17. Yeah, I will probably do the same. I give the action a 9.5/10 and a 5 to the electronics. It is very meeeeh... as far as the sound.

    I also give a 10 to the coolness factor.
  18. Have you contacted EMG?
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    They are not EMGs. Peavey makes their own pickups. It says right on the pickup "Peavey Active".

    You don't need to know what kind of pickups they are to replace the preamp. Just replace the preamp.