HELP!!!looking for new representation

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    Nov 9, 2004
    near detroit...uh
    I am in a large unsigned rock band out of detroit.
    My lawyer of 5 years has signed another of the bands to a big indie and signed a management deal with them. subsequently his attention to our needs has dropped off sharply. but the other band has songs on all the major TV shows "earl,desperate ho-wifes etc..
    he had brought a contract from sony and columbia for my last band and is a fairly well known lawyer but we need someone new!!! Who has the capacity for shopping a deal.

    I got to a major lawer at the big ent. firm in new york with "guido" in the name but they were too busy with big money makers like godsmack and jay Z at the moment to help an unsigned, and said "please dont stop trying...PLEASE!!"

    so were in the market. We had a deal for 5% on the back end which is negotiable. so if anyone here knows anyone with a good track record I can send press packs. :help:

    Thanks for the minute!