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  1. I have a problem that needs to be solved. Here´s the deal. I have a Hartke 3500 with a 410XL. This is a rig I´m pretty happy with. But this rig is really to big for me. Right now I live at my parents house (19 years old). But this autumn I´m going to move to a school campus(is that the right word?) or a small apartment. I bought this rig when i was about 14/15 and thougt that: A big rig is a good rig. Now I´m starting to get some gigs, but this rig is major overkill. Money is a big issue. I don´t have any money to spend on a new rig. I don´t know what to do. Shall I save money for a cheap practise/small gig combo? Sell my 410 and buy a small cab? Neo112 for example. The sad thing is that I sometimes wan´t to have that big rig.

    1. I have a Hartke rig but no money.
    2. I need a small combo/rig
    3. I still want a big rig!!! What to do????
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    Buy a 112 or 210, take the head, and leave the 410 at mom's.
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    a tiny 1x15 like a bag end wouldnt be a bad idea either but it might be out of your price range.
  4. But if you can, hang on to the big rig. Once you dump it you'll have a hard time getting something equivalent. That's been my experience. Of course, from my perspective, you're young & will likely go through several rigs- I hope so, anyways. Most important of all, turn up.
  5. Since I live in Sweden Í hope that I can get a goo deal on a EBS 112. A small cab seems to be the right way to go.
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    I second the smaller cab, keep the rig idea. I'd opt of a 115 of some kind because you'd then have the option of pairing it with your 410 when you need a big rig that can push well at all points of the tonal spectrum. In my opinion a 410+115 is the almost perfect cab solution for most setups.