Help me buy a Warwick!!!!

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  1. Mesa M-2000 w/foot controller and 6 space SKB rack.
    This unit is un exellent condition and works amazingly but i just cant get it to "my" tone. Looking for 900$ shipped anywhere in the US. They went new for arouns 2000$ and the the foot controler is worth about 200$ the rack case is being thrown in so theres another 60$ value or so. The rack case has seen some use but is not abused, one of the lartches is loose however. 900$ shipped for over 2k of equipment.

    MTD Saratoga 4 string.
    Amazing bass just again not my sound, sounds like a hi-fi fender. Has Bart pickups in them which are factory std. Comes with either a padded soft case or a SKB hard case. This bass goes for 1200$ new and is in exellent condition aswell. Minus a few small scratches of the back of it and 2 small indents on the neck. Im asking 700$ w/the padded gigbag and 750$ w/the SKB case.

    Ampeg 6x10
    450$ firm seen use and has some tears in toilex but still moves air like a trooper.

    Ampeg 8x8
    450$ Firm same at the 6x10

    Eden 2x10t w/4 space rack on top built in. (missing rack covers , didnt come with em when i got it)
    350$ O.B.O. exellent conditon

    Hartke 3500 250$ Firm has rack rash on top of it but works perfectly.

    AKG SR40 Wireless Reciever (no bass transmistter) 50$ comes with a rack plate.

    Mixer/8-space Road Ready ATA rackcase (new) 100$ Firm

    4-space Road Ready ATA rackcase (new)100$ Firm

    6-space MARS rack w/casters 100$ Firm seen use but not abused and has rolling casters.

    16-space MARS ATA rack case/casters Good condition minus scratches from normal use. 200$ Firm

    SKB Feedom style bass case (new)-75$ Firm

    Mics SM57 (3)-150$ Firm +20ft cables for all 3, seen use, arent the prettiest things you ever saw but work just as they would brand new.

    DBX 274 Compressor/limiter-100$ Firm

    Rane AC22 active Crossover-100$ Firm

    For pics email me at

    Buyer is to pay for all shipping & handling charges and paypal fees.

    Please take this off me i dont want the ebay hassle

  2. pepsican


    Oct 23, 2004
    Any idea on how much shipping would be for the 6x10 ampeg to 52732?
  3. Probably around the 100$ range is a rough estimate.
    If seriously intrested pm me and we will see if things can be arranged or what not.

  4. Bump. Just a few more items guys please! :crying: