Help Me Choose Between 2 Micro Amps

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  1. Tech21 VT Bass

  2. Trace Elliott Elf

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    This: $299
    Or This:$499.00

    So I currently own a GK MB200, which I really like the sound of, but it only has a master volume, no pre. So I am looking for a change. I pair the amp with a GK 2x12 speaker cab that has a switchable horn. The cabinet is rated at 500w at 4 Ohms.

    I love Tech21 products and currently have a programmable SansAmp on my pedal board.

    Elf is cheaper and puts our 200 Watts, the VT puts out 500 Watts. The wattage is a minor deciding factor for me, and the 200 W amp is plenty loud.

    There is a $200 price difference, but for me the best amp will provide the best value. So, a factor, but not the deciding one.

    I assume with the VT I would no longer need the SansAmp on my board, as it would be overkill . Or would it? The me 3 programmable channels that I use for tone shaping. 1 Clean an full, 2. Aggressive, 3 Overdriven.

    Are there elements and factors that I am missing? What other criteria would you apply? I like both of these amps but they are very different from each other.


    Ignore any attachments, it's just the photos. Not sure what happened.

    (P.S. I will not be wearing shorts while performing, if this is a factor.)

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    You are going to get a LOT more versatility out of the VT500. Only go with the Elf if the small size and suoer light weight are very important to you.
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