Help me choose ! Spector NS-2a or Fender Highway 1 Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by musicloverz, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. musicloverz


    Jul 30, 2006
    I'm going to purchase a used bass to give my 81 rickenbacker 4003s a break:hyper: ,and here's the 3 basses I will be chosing from . Whichever I choose ,it will be in a trade for some antiques and cost me almost nothing ! I'll be getting one of the three in less than a week !:help:

    Bass 1- Spector NS-2A
    From spector customer service :
    cherry colored spector bass,rounded body,"Spector " on the
    active pickups ,black tuners say made in west germany on back with S logo (schallers),black bridge ,dot
    inlays ,neck-thru body construction .The bass is missing the backplate
    *this sounds like a model NS-2A, our first import (non-USA made)
    bass, from the Spector/Kramer era 1986-1990. these were made in Korea
    with Schaller tuners as you described.

    Bass 2-Spector ?
    From Spector custimer service :
    rounded body,5 point bolt on neck,"emg-ssd " active pickups, chrome tuners
    with no writing on them (look like schallers),and chrome bridge.
    *this could be one of several models. can you email me some
    jpeg pics for proper identification??

    Or Bass 3
    Fender American Highway One or 1
    Seems to be a Highway ONE or 1 bass not sure which .They upgraded from the word One to the numeral 1 recently .I think it's a older highway ONE because recent reviews on musicianfriend list the older highway ONE as having a regular fender bridge ,which this one does ,and a thin satin acrylic finish which this one does .Does it by chance have Highway 1 or One printed on bass anywhere I can look? The upgraded highway 1 has a Badass 2 bridge added ,as well as graphite stiffening rods in the neck,and a nitocellulose finish,and a Greasebucket tone knob to trim back highs and boost bottom end .

    I love the finish on the spector ns-2a neck thru,and I do love neck thrus , but have heard I'd need to replace the "Spector" pickups with real EMG'S to get a better sound ? The second spector I'm not sure of ,being bolt on .I'm thinking the neck thru would always be a better Spector ? But I also would love to have an american jazz at a good price ,but I'd have to put a badass 2 tailpiece on for starters ! Jeez !:help: I'm thinkin the Spector Neck -thru ns-2a ,but I'm open for all suggestions ,possibly from previous owners as well ! Thanks for taking time to read all this ! I'll appreciate all answers as to which would be the overall best bass !:bassist:
  2. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    Considering that my main basses are a Spector NS2a and a Fender Jazz, I am probably the best guy to ask.

    I say both are great basses and you won't be disappointed either way

    ...but ...

    I would get the Highway 1 Jazz. If I hadn't just gotten a Geddy as part of a Frankenjazz project I would be considering a Highway 1 anyway. You can't beat them for the price. Like all Fenders, actually like all major manufacturer instruments, you should play it first and make sure it's a good example of the type. WHen I got my fretless MIJ Jazz Standard, I went in with money in my hand to get an MIA Standard. None were as good as the MIJ that I bought.

    So now that gets my bass stable up to a Korean bass, two Japanese basses and an Indonesian bass. Strange that three are Fender products.
  3. musicloverz


    Jul 30, 2006
    Thanks for replying Bard ! The jazz bass is a light satin seafoam green color ,which is not too bad I guess,even though I'd love to repaint it ! Not even sure how to tell if it's a highway 1 bass though other than the light satin color .Any thoughts on where identifying marks may be ?Or possible serial numbers for highway 1's ?It does say Fender Jazz Bass made in U.S.A on headstock ,but not sure how to identify it otherwise as a highway 1 .I would love for it to be a U.S.A. model high end bass ,but don't know if I'm that lucky ! :smug:

    The spector looks killer ,cherry red stain! But you're right ,I must play them first to help me decide ! Would it be safe to say the neck-thru Spector with Spector pups is more valuable than the bolt on version with emg-ssd pups ? I'm thinkin so ,but with so many versions out there I just don't know my spectors yet .Maybe some identifying marks on the bolt-on or neck-thru somewhere that someone knows of ? Thanks again !
    Speaking of luck......Here's what I got for 300 bux 10 years ago ,while my dad got an used mint 81 black fender strat v-neck for 100 bux !:hyper:

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  4. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    She's a sweetie. I had a Ric phase, too. I was in a Rush tribute band for a while. I had a black 4003. I wanted a backup for it and found a natural Univox Stereo Bass. I liked it so much the Ric became the backup for the Univox.

    Between the Spectors, the NS2a (the neck-thru) is definitely the superior. It's very worth it to have one and just put the EMG's in it. It already has the preamp that goes with the EMG's on board. Mine's the cherry red, as well.
  5. woody357

    woody357 Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2005
    Get a Schecter you will be very happy with one if you like the Spector, then you will like the Elite 5 by Schecter
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