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Help me Choose! Used Ampeg SVT III Pro vs. new Yorkville XS400H

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Hawkeye, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Canuck Amateur

    These two heads are somewhat similar:

    Ampeg SVTIII Pro 450 watts @ 4 ohms: Nice tone, hybrid tube pre and solid state power section. Some reviews say it doesn't sound like 450 watts. Warranty is transferrable.

    Yorkville XS400H 400 watts @ 4 ohms: Good power. Also nice tone, more tone shaping options than Ampeg, better warranty.

    Either of these would replace my very trustworthy Peavey Deltabass head.

    I play in a praise and worship band and would be powering a Peavey 115 BXBW (no tweeter) cab. I have heard both of these heads with 10's only and they both sounded great.

    Which one?
  2. Chasarms

    Chasarms Casual Observer

    May 24, 2001
    Bettendorf, IA USA
    I prefer the tone of the Ampeg.
  3. Basspolizei

    Basspolizei Pseudo bass player/collector

    Jun 23, 2004
    Buy basses and lots of guns before it's too late! You have been warned.
    You are obviously looking for tone. Ok, both have that as you stated. Now, do you want to be standing in front of a Yorkville or the worlds original bass amp? For me it would be an easy decision. If your not at all concerned about image, go with price. If you are willing to pay for it, Ampeg, hands down!
    Tone, Respect, Dependablility are just a few of the feelings you will observe while owning the Ampeg.........The SVTIII Pro is the companies most sold amp and definitately has plenty of power.
  4. Althius


    Jul 25, 2004
    Might I ask what the prices of these two options are?
  5. After having owned/suffered through an SVT3Pro, I say forget all this crap about "worlds original bass amp" and get the better of the two: the Yorkville.
  6. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Canuck Amateur

    Prices are fairly similar.

    Yorkville XS400H = $649 plus taxes = $750 Approx. Cdn

    Used Ampeg SVT III Pro = $750 to $900 Cdn

    Price factor alone favours the Yorkville by a small margin.
  7. Lowfader


    Jul 11, 2004
    The best thing to do would be to take your Peavey cabinet & the bass that you're going to be using the most to the stores that sell those heads & try them. Buy the one that makes YOU happy. I've been using an SVT3PRO on the road for 4 years & haven't had any problems. I've never tried the Yorkville. Good Luck!!
  8. Edwcdc

    Edwcdc I call shotgun!

    Jul 21, 2003
    Columbia MD USA
    Don't worry much about image. Go with what sounds good to you. Also depending on where you are getting the used Ampeg from, an amp with a warranty might be the best bang for you buck in the long run.
    Keep in mind that Ampeg isn't the only company capable of making a good bass amp. It's not rocket science. If it were bass amps would be rockets.. er... um you know what I mean.
  9. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Canuck Amateur

    Sometimes I think I don't worry about image (after all I run Peavey amps right) and sometimes I have to admit that I like the idea of that "Ampeg" name-plate behind me. I'll have to admit that the "street-cred" and brand name were part of me trading my Godin Freeway4 to get a Fender Am Precision. In the end I was happy with my decision, but in retrospect there's no way that the 3 times the cost Fender was anywhere near 3 times better than the Godin (maybe 5-10% better that's all).

    It's this law of diminishing returns when paying for brand. There's a reason why they charge what they do for the name on the front, and I'll admit that I'm suckered in by it from time to time (but not all the time).

    Keep those cards and letters coming!
  10. Jerrold Tiers

    Jerrold Tiers

    Nov 14, 2003
    St Louis
    Keep in mind that most companies in this business do not charge more "for brand". Nobody can afford to anymore.

    All of us manufacturers are under pressure to make the same product for less, because we have to sell it for less.

    If we could make an acceptable SVT for an amount close to what Behringer charges for their chinese-made um, er, STUFF, we would. We would get more sales if we did, and it's about sales. Sales pays the bills.

    Some companies sell on price, and price only. We all know who they are.

    Some companies (Ampeg being one) sell on product performance. A good reputation doesn't hurt either, but it originally comes from performance.

    An SVT is expensive because it costs a lot to make one. Lots of labor, expensive parts, etc. Just the transformers in it are crazy expensive. We don't buy from the cheapest source, because the cheapest source can't make them right.

    Once you make it, you have to hold some in inventory so that you can fill orders. That's a bunch of money tied up, which is expensive.

    It costs a lot more to ship one than it does to ship lighter weight products. The dealer (even an internet source) has to pay for his store and service, etc, so that is added in to the price you pay also. There are fewer customers for expensive amps, so it may sit there in inventory for a while, but the dealer can't sell what he doesn't have...he's stuck paying for inventory costs.

    You can look at a couple of the threads concerning Aguilar pricing. Same situation, cost of manufacture (parts and labor) is the main influence on price, then distribution costs. What the Aguilar folks said is about the way it is.

    All the brand does is give the ability to use better parts and construction, etc, because from a known brand, the higher price required to pay for them is less scary than from "Joe Blow's Real Good Amp Co".

    There isn't a "brand name adder" from anyone I know of. I know a lot of people that wish there was........
  11. Edwcdc

    Edwcdc I call shotgun!

    Jul 21, 2003
    Columbia MD USA

    Well said on all points. Just your signature says that the people that are involved with Ampeg are proud of their product and stand by it. That's what I get from it anyway.
  12. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Canuck Amateur

    I sort of stumbled into the deal, but I've purchased the Ampeg. There are lots of threads on the SVT III Pro and I've learned a lot that I can apply to try and achieve my tone once it arrives. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll get a report out to the brethren.

    Despite Ampeg Insider's assurances that component cost determines the final price. I say I'll debate you on that one someday.

    Engineering, Manufacturing and Purchasing decide what the cost is. Marketing and Sales decide on the price.

    Don't kid yourself, whatever the market will bear is what the price ends up to be. This is true of almost all products and price points, that's the golden rule.

    Thanks for the great advice.