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Help Me Decide - Ampeg Content

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by fatillac, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. I am at a crossroads, I am looking to buy my first high end head and found 2 great deals. I am running an Ampeg SVT 410hen and and SVT 115E both born in the USA.

    I have a Used SVT-CL on order from a local music store but it has yet to arrive. I am not sure if it is USA or Vietnam. I do know that the rear cover mesh is missing and it *could* be in rough shape as I have not seen the head yet.. They want $1200 Canadian.

    I walked into a different music store yesterday and they have 40% off all Ampeg rack units. They have an SVT-4 Pro, brand new, made in USA. They marked it down from $1679 down to $1007.

    They also had:
    SVT-5 Pro - $869
    SVT-3 Pro - $719
    B4R - $791
    B5R - $797
    SVP1600 - $805

    Please help a noob make an informed decision.....
    Much appreciated! ;)
  2. FenderAmpeg


    Feb 21, 2009
    So Cal
    Get the SVT4-Pro, I've been very happy with mine. Very versitile, make sure you get the manual (or download it) and read it well, there are a lot of different ways to set up the output to drive seperate cabs. Have fun.:bassist:

    The above is a very good video on the SVT4-Pro
  3. rbonner


    Sep 25, 2008

    Interesting. A new SVT-4PRO made in USA. Yeah I have two of those, brand new made in USA's fortunately one was still under warranty... It already made one pass to the repair facility and needs to return to actually get fixed.

    The other was out of warranty and cost $760 to get repaired. Everybody and his brother took a shot at fixing it. However now it is 100%.

    The point is, THERE ARE NO NEW MADE IN USA SVT-4PRO's. If it was a demo sitting at the music store then fine. But if it spent 5 years in some dick's tightly spaced rack it is MELTED INSIDE....

    I own 6 SVT-4PRO's and 4 of them I bought NEW in the boxes. They are all 100% and treated nicely in a forced air cooled rack.

    Just find out what these units actually are.

    I highly rate the SVT-4PRO, but not a used one clamped down in a tight rack. AMPEG required 3" on the left and right sides for proper cooling. There are NO RACKS built that have 3" on either side except the original factory ones.

    The SVP-1600 would be a great snatch. I am using 5 of my amps like SVP-1600's. I drive them from the preamp off the first amp. If you got the 1600 and bought an SVP-CL or SVP-PRO you would have a fantatic bass amp.

    The 1600 is the final section of the 4PRO without the built in preamp. All 1600's were USA made. $800 is a great price.

    $1000 for a new 4PRO that is not B STock is a great price. There is ZERO difference in sound between a Vietnam, Korean or USA SVT-4PRO. They all are great.

    If you wanna vacation 400 miles to the south come on down and bring your bass. I have two korean, two Vietnams and two USA's and you can switch between each or play them all at once... An AMPEG players dream. BOB

  4. I know that the SVT-4 pro and the other racks units are brand new, I checked the back of the heads and they were SLM/USA. These have been sitting in the store for 5+ years. Come with boxes and warranties.
  5. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    I wouldn't take a chance with a beater, (the CL), but a new 4Pro for that price would be very appealing. I use a 6Pro, and love my tone and volume. Never tried a 5Pro, but there's one at my local GC. I like that it DOESN'T have a graphic eq, (4Pro does), other than that, try before you buy. Make sure it not only works, but sounds like what you want to sound like.
  6. rbonner


    Sep 25, 2008
    Ricken, the nice thing about the 4PRO is you can or don't have to run the GE. I don't but it is available by simple click of the foot switch. BY far the 4PRO has the absolute most features for a bass player of any amplifier ever built in one head.

    The only thing I would prefer is the power of the 8PRO (able to drive two 810 cabs) with the features of the 4PRO.

    Fatillac will have more than enough power with a 4 PRO in stereo driving each cab. Something to note Fat, is the warranty on AMPEG products is 5 years. If the thing is a store demo, you will need to make sure your RECEIPT SAYS NEW SVT-4PRO on it and list the serial number....

    If you have an issue and it needs to go in to a service center, the first thing they do is read the serial and determine the manufacturing date. If it is out of warranty TIME, then they have to apply to AMPEG for special conditions to cover your amp. You better have your T's dotted and I's crossed if that time ever materializes.

    I just went through all of that... Documentaion on one of the amps was way weak and it just happened to be the one that needed a main board replaced...

    If I was you, I'd plug in an 810 and a mono-block cable fire the thing to near full power and play... If it cuts out, or makes crackling noises, I'd walk away (standard failure) If she's solid and knocks Les Paul's off the walls... Take it home with a big smile on your face.

    I would NOT waste my time with a B series amp, or even at this point the 3 or 5... The three would drive your cabs, but the 4 will have power for the future if you decide to run a pair of 410's or an 810.

  7. dagrev

    dagrev Supporting Member

    Jun 21, 2006
    I have the Pro3 and love it. It's very versatile. Can't crunch the tone if that's what you want but does everything else well. Great options on it. It is lesser in terms of wattage but only if you actually need more watts. I don't play stadiums nor do I play with crazed 14 year old's who haven't grasped sound management yet so it works great for me. (No offense to you 14 yr old's who've mastered sound!) I use the DI to the PA anyway. Much of it comes down to how much you want to spend and if you really need the extra watts.
  8. With the SVT-4 pro, would it be able to power another 810 with my 410 and 115?
    That would give me a 2 ohm load

    or would it be better to go with an SVT-CL for this purpose?

    Im just thinking ahead....

    Thanks for the great suggestions by the way...
  9. MIJ-VI

    MIJ-VI Banned Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2009
    SVT-4PRO downloadable manual.
  10. If LOUDNESS is important then get the 4. But I prefer the tone of the 3 or the 6 over the 4. I also prefer the weight of the 3 to the others.

    If it was me I'd get the 3- but like Dagrev, I would never need >500 watts. In fact for my stage setups my 360 watt M-Pulse is all the power I ever need.
  11. Krause


    Mar 17, 2009
    Winnipeg, MB.
    I have had my SVT4-PRO since 2000, and have never had a proplem with it. Never had to fix it. Works better than any other amp I have owned. I have run two 810's with it as well.
  12. bwv1013


    Mar 20, 2008
    southern cal
    another vote for the 4 pro here. i've had one for a year and i love it. had a 3 for a while, nice amp as well but the 4 is way more flexible and especially at your prices well worth the extra bucks.
  13. thudstaff23


    Mar 10, 2009
    Seattle, WA
    I am in the exact same spot as the OP here, and I don't mean to threadjack at all -- but I wanted to discuss the new/used dilemma based upon what I am seeing on ebay, and other "used" forums.

    There is so much price difference in, say, a used SVT III pro head vs. a new one. on the SVT 4's - even more! Do you guys believe this is due to the fact that the sellers know how much these amps have been cranked and do feel that they are due for the type of horror-story service that some of you have mentioned ($700 +). I would love to also find a good deal on a used Ampeg head, but the time spent alone researching a good Amp tech that can being these babies back to life after a burnout if not worth it.

    My question is: Do you feel it is a risky proposition to pick up any of the used SVT Pro 3's that we see in the $300-400 range?

    I'm looking to move some air, but don't want to go through the repair.
  14. rbonner


    Sep 25, 2008
    We are going through this same question on it seems like every other thread in TB.

    If you are looking for the AMPEG sound, that requires hitting the 810 with some wattage and getting part of the patent sound from the SPEAKERS.

    NONE of the AMPEG heads EXCEPT THE SVT-8PRO will hit more than one 810 with enough power.

    Yes the CL or the 2PRO or an AV will drive 2OHMS, the 4PRO will not under MONO-Block... BUt none of them have enough power to WHOMP more than one cabinet.

    You need to buy two heads to do that properly.

  15. I pulled the trigger on the SVT-4 Pro.

    I test drove it in the store, mono bridged into a 810 and holy crap.....:bassist:

    "Yeah, I am going to need you to turn down a bit, sir" - said the salesman

    Now my question is this, what would be the best way to hook it up to my cabinets. 410 HEN and 115E,both the cabs have speakon inputs as well as 1/4"

    I read the manual and the diagrams don't make sense to me for my situation.

    Can I run it in 4ohm mono bridged with 2 - 8 ohm cabinets?

    On a side note, I picked up a new bass to keep the amp company on the car ride home :smug:

    Pictures to follow as soon as I can get the darn price tag glue off the head!
  16. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Good choice, that should work out well for you. As to hooking up the speakers, I'm no expert, since all my amps are single channel non bridgable affairs. But, it would seem that mono bridged @ 4 ohms will work for your 2 cabs. Run a speaker cable to one cab, and from that cab to the other. Done. Congrats on the new toys.
  17. DanRJBrasil


    Jun 10, 2007
    people that bashes the svt4 is because it has a clean tone comparing with a tube overdrived one , is a great head lots of power and bullet proof if don't rack it in a skb type of case , if you need some drive get a pedal or a valvedrive ;)
  18. Added the 4pro head and "Pollyanna" is pictured on the right:


    Family Photo:




    Haven't named this girl yet:


    My other passion for the last 17 years:

  19. Krause


    Mar 17, 2009
    Winnipeg, MB.
    Hey I just realized that you are from Winnipeg. So I'm I. Where did you pick up the SVT4-PRO from? I know Mothers has AMPEG stuff at 40% off right now.
  20. Yep, it was from Mother's
    $1679 on for $1007

    p.s. I went to school with Shawn Zemla... small world

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