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Help me decide between Lakland Decade & Fender MIA Jazz

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by carlo3874, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. carlo3874


    Jan 25, 2007
    San Diego CA
    Hello all.

    I have a difficult decision to make so I figure its best to tap into the collective mind of my low-end brethren for direction. I am going to pick up a new bass soon and so far I have a Lakland Decade and Fender Jazz on the top of the list. I tried out the Decade recently and thought it was great bass. I will hit a local shop (staying away from Guitar Center) to try out some Fenders. Guitar Center does a terrible job on keeping their stock in good condition so I feel my Fender experience is somewhat tainted due to playing what Fenders GC had in stock with warp necks, high action and dead strings. I had a 2006 MIA Precision that I dug (not from GC) but traded it for a SG guitar and amp. Can the good folks here help me decide? I love the Decade but the lure of a new Fender MIA Jazz in 3 Tone Sunburst with a Tort pickguard is very strong.

  2. be original, get the decade........in shorline gold with a white perloid pg just like markusbass's! :p
  3. wellshuxley


    Apr 16, 2007
    Raleigh, NC
    Oooh I've never even played a Decade but I've been jonesing for one ever since they were announced. And Jazz basses... are jazz basses. I say get a Skyline Decade AND a Squier CV 60's Jazz and upgrade the pickups and hardware with the extra cash!
  4. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Close your eyes, and let your hands decide.
  5. carlo3874


    Jan 25, 2007
    San Diego CA
    I'm leaning toward the Decade. I dug the sound, looks simple to setup by myself (according to some nice vids on youtube from Lakland), it's been pleked, & comfortable to play. I am going to try out some Fenders before I make a final decision.
  6. GregC

    GregC Johnny and Joe Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 19, 2007
    Tough choice! I'm a Lakland fanboy with a Skyline Decade (and I love it), but I have a straight J bass, too. Rickenboogie's advice is the way to go, try'em both and see what you like best.
  7. Are you the type that buys a bass, plays it for a few months, and sells? If so, buy the one that will re-sell easier. As a tie-breaker.
  8. I like both very much. The decade is my favorite lakland.
  9. fresnorich


    Sep 17, 2003
    Fresno, CA
    Get the Decade!
  10. carlo3874


    Jan 25, 2007
    San Diego CA
    I stopped by a local shop and tried out some Fenders. They didn't have an MIA jazz standard, but they had a 75 Jazz reissue, an used (08 or 09) MIA standard Precision, 57 Precision reissue, Tony Franklin model, Steve Harris model , Highway One Precision & Jazz, and Ernie Ball Musicman.

    I wasn't blown away by any of these basses due to necks being slightly to severely warped, super high action, dead strings. I did like the 57 Precision reissue but the neck was too wide. I wasn’t comfortable with Musicmans. There were two other guys checking out basses that made the same observations I did so I didn't feel I was being too picky. One guy said "You had to play a lot Fenders to find the right one.” I don't want to rag on Fender, but the few Laklands I've played never had these issues. I don’t know if I want to go on a never ending search for the perfect Fender.

    I will stop by Guitar Center next weekend to try out some other basses (I know I said I wouldn’t but I changed my mind). If I don’t find anything there, I will get the Lakland Decade.

    I have 2 questions:

    Is $925 a good price for a 3 tone sunburst MIA Fender Precision with rosewood neck? There were no dings or deep scratches? There were some smudges and light scratches (nothing thru the finish). I get the impression this bass was played a lot but taken care of. This bass could use a good proper setup. I thought about it but felt I should keep looking and check in on it in a week or two.

    If you were to only have 1 bass, would it be a Lakland Skyline Decade or a 44-02 Skyline deluxe?

    Thank you all for your comments!
  11. J. Crawford

    J. Crawford

    Feb 15, 2008

    Thats a good price if the Precision is vintage, or an 09 model. A bight high for anything else, used at least.

    ...and a 44-02 for sure.
  12. Engine207

    Engine207 Losing faith in humanity...one call at a time.

    Jul 10, 2008
    Higley, AZ
    I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and I visited the Lakland factory. All I can say, is that if I ever make battalion chief money, I'm gonna get me a Lakland Duck Dunn on the way home from the badge pinning ceremony.

    I was expecting to go to a bass factory, but it was a workshop. About a dozen guys sitting at benches sanding bodies, polishing frets, and setting up basses for plekking. Carl, the head luthier there, spent about an hour with me talking pick-ups, neck width, and set-ups. I ran into him a few days later in the Lincoln Park, and he asked me to come back and try out some of the new basses thay were just completing. Like we were old pals.

    I'm a Fender guy (J, P, J-fretless, 5er), and I am very happy with my basses. But comparing a Lakland (even a Skyline) to a Fender is like a Ferrari to a Chevy. Both get you from A to B, but the Ferrari outperforms in every way.

    If you have the means...Lakland.

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