help me decide on an acoustic guitar

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  1. hey everyone I am Looking to buy an acoustic guitar ( yeah i know shame on me) I am looking in the $200 or less price range. I have looked at some washburns, used alvarez, Ibanez, Mitchell (guitar center Brand), Hohner and Fender. I was curious as to if anyone would recomend any of these over the others or if there is someone that I havent looked at that I should. I am looking for something I can have around that isnt going to kill me if my dog knocks it over or anything but yet will sound good enough I could mike it up to do some recording with it, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Alvarez.

    I will only suggest Alvarez, Seagull, or Guild for acoustics.

    But those are just my favorites.
  3. I have an Epiphone PR-200 that was purchased about 8 years ago. It was about $150, and the tone is actually quite good. I've heard that Ibanez guitars are actually very good for the price, so you might want to check them out. I personally haven't though, since all the ibanez acoustics at guitar center are always improperly setup.

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    For the $200 and under price range i would say Ibanez or Epiphone.
  5. I have since found a guitar that perked my interst. It is an Alverez solid top all mahogany I am not sure of the model yet it is selling for $185.